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36 800-503-3433 WWW.DAYWIRELESS.COM WAVE™ WORK GROUP COMMUNICATIONS BRIDGING TWO-WAY RADIO WITH BROADBAND NETWORKS With WAVE 5000 you can experience game-changing functionality that lets you build and operate secure, highly scalable solutions for today’s most demanding communications environments: EXTEND RADIO TO BROADBAND Extend workforce communications beyond radio to include modern devices and broadband networks for seamless communications in any location. DEPLOY BROADBAND PTT Secure, ‘over-the-top’ PTT connecting smart devices over 3/4G LTE and WiFi networks delivers greater choice and flexibility when choosing a non-radio, carrier-independent communications solution. CONNECT RADIO TO RADIO Connect multiple, disparate two-way radio systems and remove barriers to communication interoperability and workforce collaboration. WAVE APPLICATIONS WAVE MOBILE COMMUNICATOR Transform any smartphone into a secure, multi-channel push-to-talk device with the WAVE Mobile Communicator to extend your communications and enable better collaboration among teams. WAVE DESKTOP COMMUNICATOR Learn how to enhance communications with WAVE Desktop Communicator, a feature-rich software application that allows office-based or mobile workers to use desktop or laptop PCs to monitor, transmit and receive audio from multiple communication systems. WAVE ADVANCED DESKTOP COMMUNICATOR See how you can transform your dispatch operations with WAVE Advanced Desktop Communicator, a powerful software application designed to provide many of the capabilities needed by public safety, military and critical infrastructure organizations. WAVE THIN CLIENTS Communicate with WAVE via your favorite web browser or messaging clients.