Motorola Solutions celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its MOTOTRBO portfolio of two-way radios this May. To kick off decade Number 2, the communication technology leader has announced the release of the new MOTOTRBO Essential Services program.

At their core, the new MOTOTRBO essential services offerings represent a change in approach from a hardware-focused model to software-focused model. There is considerable value to customers in radio beyond simple voice push-to-talk, and continued improvements and applications in software allow customers to maximize the value of their radio system. Software enabled features that were previously offered a-la-carte will now be included with the Essential Services packages.

All mid- and high-tier MOTOTRBO radios sold after July 16th, 2018 will have a choice of two primary service models:

  1. Essential Software: Premium software features and software maintenance and updates are covered for five (5) years; hardware is covered for two (2) years.
  2. Essential Software & Repair: Premium software features, software maintenance and updates, as well as hardware, and priority repairs are all covered for five (5) years.


The previous standard warranty was for two years, making the Essential Software & Repair offering a three-year increase.  Effectively, this more than doubles the length of protection for most MOTOTRBO radios. The increased warranty duration has potential to lower the total cost of ownership by increasing the long-term performance and reliability of MOTOTRBO radios and supporting infrastructure.  The Essential Software and Essential Software & Repair offerings also improve turnaround time for repair services.

We strongly suggest that all customers select the Essential Software & Repair plan, as omitting the repair piece reduces your warranty by three years but offers minimal savings vs the Essential Software only plan.

16 Premium Software Features, 1 Fixed Cost: Here’s How It Shakes Out

The Essential Services program has the greatest potential to lower TCO for MOTOTRBO users who implement one or more premium software features. Yes, Essential Services increases the cost of your radio; however, it’s offset by the extended warranty and access to 16 software features that used to be individually priced. In order to come out ahead, customers would only need to implement a few of these 16 features. To help illustrate how these features could help your radio users, we’ve summarized all 16 below:

Safety and Security

  • Enhanced Privacy: Supports 40-bit encryption and built-in scrambling for greater channel protection and privacy.
  • Transmit Interrupt: Clears the channel of all communications when pre-designated users need to send out an urgent message (e.g., a school principal needs to notify staff that a lockdown has been initiated).
  • Man Down: Two-way radios automatically trigger an alert should a radio’s tilt angle indicate that a user has fallen.
  • Transmit Inhibit: Prevents radio transmissions when activated in areas that are sensitive to RF, such as certain manufacturing environments.
  • Indoor Location: Enables tracking of two-way radio users while they are indoors; ideal for multi-building campuses and other large facilities.



  • SINC+ Noise Cancellation: Enhances noise suppression for loud operating environments, such as manufacturing plants, and doesn’t distort or muffle human speech.
  • Mute Mode: Automatically mute radio devices with a programmable button or by setting the radio face down position.
  • Rx Audio Leveling: Receiving radios will automatically compensate for variable automatic gain control levels, making for more consistent audio quality.


Efficiency and Productivity

  • Text to Speech: A speech algorithm automatically translates text messages received via multifunctional MOTOTRBO radios; ideal for instances in which the radio display is not easily accessible.
  • Multi-Button PTT: Users can designate specific buttons on their push-to-talk devices that radio to individual groups.



  • Bluetooth Audio: Enable Bluetooth functionality for hands-free communication.
  • Bluetooth Data: Handheld radios can send and receive data via Bluetooth. 


Systems – Applies to Repeater Purchases on Essential Services

  • Digital Voting: Uses satellite receivers to extend inbound transmission coverage.
  • Dynamic Mixed Mode: Enables automatic switching between analog and digital based on the call it receives from radios.
  • IP Repeater Programming: Lets a system administrator program and upgrade repeaters within the system using the IP network.
  • Enhanced GPS: A location service that supports higher throughput and reliability than standard GPS.


Digital and RF – Combined and Complimentary

The other critical consideration is the gradual merging of digital and RF communication networks. Business functions are becoming increasingly data-driven, but not to the extent that smartphones will displace two-way radios in operational circumstances where the reliability, battery life, ruggedness and crystal-clear audio of RF is preferred. Nevertheless, keeping those channels in silos is an operational disadvantage that the vast majority of organizations (from schools to global supply chain companies) will have to confront eventually – most likely sooner rather than later.

The Verdict: Prudent in the Long Term

When priced individually, the combined cost for these software features exceeds $2,000. Motorola’s new service options make all of these premium features available for MOTOTRBO users at a fraction of that price. While most organizations may not need all premium features, but most will benefit from two or more, which is all it takes to achieve a lower TCO under Motorola’s new “features-as-a-service” model.

What’s more, the software, firmware, and infrastructure support extended through Motorola’s Essential Services puts user organizations in a better position to move toward a business-wide combined Digital and RF communications network. Premium features such as Indoor Location, Bluetooth audio and data, and Text to Speech will also be useful functions for the integration of radio and broadband communications.

Want to know how the Essential Service Package can help your organization? Reach out to the professionals at Day Wireless Systems for more information today.


What Radio Models will be affected by the Essential Services Program?

XPR7000e series

XPR5000e series

SL7000e series

XPR3000 series


All current MOTOTRBO repeaters


What does it mean that MOTOTRBO Essential Services will be embedded in new product sales?

After July 16th 2018, services will be included in the dealer price for MOTOTRBO devices and infrastructure.


Can I opt-out or decline the Essential Services Program?

Users can choose to downgrade from Essential Services & Hardware to just the Essential Services program but are not able to completely decline the program. Again, we do not recommend downgrading to the Essential Services (only) plan as you lose out on 3 years of warranty for nominal cost savings.


Is firmware installation or reprogramming included in the cost of the Essential Services Program?

No, please work with your local Day Wireless office for a service and maintenance plan that augments the Essential Services program.


Can I add Essential Services to radios purchased prior to July 16th 2018?

Yes. Contact your Day Wireless sales representative for information on adding Essential Services plans to existing radios.

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