Day Wireless Systems Construction Division Gets Hard Work Done

DWS Tower Project – Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain [Video]

We’re coming into Tower construction season! If you’re looking for some sweet footage of real pros at work, you’ve come to the right place. We went behind the scenes of an epic tower build by our tower construction team at Day Wireless Systems (DWS), the largest full-service wireless integrator in the West. What’s up tower crew? 

Every time DWS gets the job done with pride, bringing together our A-teams across sales, service, construction, rentals, systems design, FCC licensing, and site acquisition. Our staff are a well-oiled machine with all the expertise under one roof.  

Our video opens as the sun rises over Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain in Oregon’s picturesque Mount Hood region. The mission? Construct a 150’ heavy-duty public safety tower and set a double decker shelter to keep the surrounding communities connected and protected.

As the trucks roll up the steep mountain roads and disappear into the clouds, you just know this is going to be one for the books. But when faced with crazy challenging conditions and jobs that would make others crumble, DWS has the know-how and determination to complete the mission.

Soon, the structures and equipment arrive on site, and it’s rally time for the crew. They might as well be kids in a candy store, because now the real fun can begin with all their big toys…err…heavy machinery.  

The cement trucks roll in and the foundation gets poured. Then it’s a finely coordinated dance as the tower sections go up one by one until they’re reaching for the heavens. Some might call this hard work, but for the DWS team, it’s just another Wednesday getting stuff done.

Whether hoisting cell towers into the sky or constructing public safety systems, DWS takes immense pride in building the vital infrastructure that keeps communities safe and connected in our modern world.

So buckle up and witness these die-hard tower pros in their element! They’re born for this – erecting monumental structures that quite literally tame the airwaves. It’s art, it’s engineering, it’s just another day at the office for the dedicated team at Day Wireless Systems.

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