Call Home From the Middle of Nowhere

Whether you're an individual planning a big trip to the middle of nowhere or you represent a company that has operations in remote locations, connectivity with the outside world matters. Having a reliable connection with others is simply essential for security. It can also be a business critical issue. In these circumstances, satellite phone rentals provide the reliable connectivity you demand without requiring the investment in a long-term solution.

At Day Wireless Systems, we are proud to offer our clients access to an amazing diversity of solutions for their communications needs. In addition to Motorola radios and cell phone rentals, we also offer satellite phone rentals for individuals and corporations. For satellite communications, we rent both Iridium and Globalstar Satellite phones. Our rental service is available to customers throughout America and the world. If you need a temporary communication solution, a Satellite phone rental may be the best solution for you.

Our Satellite Phone Rentals Deliver True Global Coverage

At Day Wireless Systems, our satellite phone rentals involve both Iridium and Globalstar satellite systems. Iridium is the only provider of truly global satellite voice and data solutions with complete coverage of the earth (including oceans, airways and Polar Regions). Globalstar phones offer the highest data speeds using a satphone handset. Unlike cellular systems with complex international roaming rates, satphone renters enjoy a single, flat rate for calls anywhere in the world.

Satellite Phone Rental Applications

If you are traveling in remote areas of the United States or around the world where there are little of no communications systems available a Satellite phone may be a good option for you. Our satellite phone rentals make it convenient and affordable for you to enjoy the protection this technology can deliver for such applications as:

  • Hunting Trips
  • Fishing Trips
  • Overseas Traveler
  • Overseas Military
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Reporter / Journalists

Day Wireless also rents all the Satellite phone accessories you need for your event including; spare batteries and charger.

Why Day Wireless?

Day Wireless Systems is the company to turn to for satellite phone rentals because of our expertise in the field. We've been in business since 1969 and offer our customers access to a wide variety of solutions, including two way radios, satellite phones and more. Our in-house communications experts can even design, deploy and maintain systems on behalf of our clients.

At Day Wireless Systems, we believe in providing our customers access to the best solutions to meet their particular needs. We are America's largest Motorola dealer and are also pleased to provide Iridium technology to our customers. We have a 100-year heritage behind us and offer a one-stop source for all corporate and individual wireless needs.

To find out more about our satellite phone rentals, just contact us directly. You can contact us toll free at 1-800-503-3433. We also have offices throughout the western United States to serve. We do serve clients all over the country and world when they need communications solutions that can keep them in touch no matter where they roam.