Motorola MOTOTRBO eBrochure

32 | 800-503-3433 • WWW.DAYWIRELESS.COM MOTOTRBO RADIO SOLUTIONS PAGE 8 RADIO ACCESSORIES From discreet Bluetooth earpieces to efficient battery solutions, our complete portfolio of accessories optimizes the performance of your MOTOTRBO radio. They are designed to help you perform your best, wherever you work, and unleash the power of the industry’s most advanced digital radio platform. BLUETOOTH® WIRELESS FOR PORTABLE AND MOBILE RADIOS Unleash the power of your MOTOTRBO radio without wires getting in the way. Our extensive suite of Bluetooth accessories free you to take the radio off your belt, leave your truck or step away from your desk (up to 30 feet away) and stay connected. Choose from a variety of earpieces, heavy-duty wireless headsets and push-to-talk solutions that let you move without constraints around the workplace. EARPIECES Transmit and receive discreetly with a variety of earpieces that feature a streamlined design and rugged cables that withstand tough conditions. With in-line push-to-talk and microphones, they’re easy to use on the go. Our flexible array of surveillance kits includes two-wire kits (one wire for receiving, one wire for transmitting) and more discreet three-wire kits (separate wires for transmitting, receiving and push-to talk). HEADSETS Protect hearing and facilitate communications in noisy environments. Select from a wide range of comfortable, durable, lightweight to heavy-duty headsets with noise-canceling boom microphones and in-line push-to-talk. CATALOG MOTOTRBO AT A GLANCE