Motorola MOTOTRBO eBrochure

From sold-out concerts to sun-filled college graduations, from busy airline flights to bustling maternity wards. Keeping people safe during life’s important moments is the foundation upon which all other positive outcomes depend. Yet, organizations and enterprises are increasingly challenged with complex operational and security issues. A common struggle is effectively monitoring large or demanding areas of operation, making it difficult to proactively recognize and respond to potential threats before they become emergencies. Too often the tools and technologies that should be helping sit in silos among disparate systems and workflows. That means that teams are stuck in a reactive mode, trying to respond to security and operational challenges using tools that simply don’t work well together. This lack of a cohesive technology ecosystem introduces inefficiencies, hinders operations and ultimately degrades security. Now, there’s a better way to keep people, assets and operations safe. We’ve reimagined the entire approach to safety with the first technology ecosystem that unifies and standardizes voice communications, video security, data and analytics on a single common platform. We call it Safety Reimagined. Now, you can have the intelligence and tools you need to proactively recognize, understand and respond to everyday disruptions and emergency situations. Teams can more efficiently communicate and collaborate, sending the most up-to-date information to the right people, faster. UNIFY YOUR TECHNOLOGY ECOSYSTEM AND REIMAGINE YOUR APPROACH TO SAFETY OUTCOMES • SAFER PEOPLE AND ASSETS • MORE EFFICIENT OPERATIONS • FASTER RESPONSE TIMES • MAXIMIZED RESOURCES • TEAMS FREED FROM THE ENDLESS TUG-OF-WAR WITH THEIR TECHNOLOGY • EMPOWERED TO FOCUS ON THEIR MISSION RADIO + VIDEO + SOFTWARE POWERFUL ALONE. GAME CHANGING TOGETHER. THAT’S SAFETY REIMAGINED. MOTOTRBO ™ ION SMART RADIO – GO ALL ON YOUR BUSINESS RUNS ON VOICE AND DATA, BUT IF YOUR DEVICES CAN ONLY ACCESS ONE, YOU’RE NOT RUNNING AT YOUR BEST DETECT ANALYZE COMMUNICATE RESPOND SA ETY REIMAGINED A FIRST OF ITS KIND TECHNOLOGY ECOSYSTEM FOR BETTER OUTCOMES SM SM