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38 | 800-503-3433 • WWW.DAYWIRELESS.COM SAFETY REIMAGINED CREATING SAFE HOSPITALS SAFETY AND COLLABORATION DURING HEALTHCARE’S VITAL MOMENTS There are countless reasons an individual could be entering a healthcare facility. Whether they are a patient, a healthcare worker, security staff or custodian, their experience should begin with safety. We envision a world where technology works seamlessly together to combine intelligent awareness solutions with fast, seamless communication to enable not only safety but efficiency, from intake to discharge. We call this vision – Safety Reimagined. Motorola Solutions made this vision a reality by building a unified and connected technology ecosystem that integrates critical communications, video security, data and analytics and is built on one common operating platform – giving hospitals the systems they need to detect, analyze, communicate, and respond to unfolding incidents or threats. With so many factors to consider, from cultivating the safest working environment and preventing emergencies, hospitals need a technology ecosystem that provides actionable intelligence and team-specific applications that help automate security, monitor tasks, and streamline operational processes. These intelligence-driven technologies help ensure patient and worker safety, improve situational awareness, deliver efficiency, and enhance communication across all teams. All of which are vital to creating a safe hospital. VIDEO