Steve Shelton Appreciation/Retirement Thread

Steve Shelton


On July 31st, Steve Shelton officially retired from Day Wireless and began the next chapter of his life, one filled with traveling, drinking wine, and lots of golf. I hope he can handle all of that…

Over the course of 15 years at Day, Steve wore many hats and was involved in many facets of our business. From sales management, to marketing, business development, and presale, Steve was involved in just about every large project Day Wireless has sold in the past 10 years.

Personally, I’ve had the privilege of working under Steve for 5 years in a marketing capacity. What he has taught me on a personal and professional level has been invaluable. Steve – you’ve been everything I could have asked for in a boss, a mentor, and friend, and I wish you a very happy retirement.

Thank you for everything. Jeff Nishimura


You have saved my bacon so many times I’ve lost count! It has been beyond a pleasure working with you on some pretty cool projects – and some of them are still working!

Thank you for all you have done for Day Wireless and I wish you a long and enjoyable vacation – I mean retirement.

Matt Enser


Let me say it’s been my pleasure to have worked with you all these years. I have always appreciated your professionalism and the way you go about your business. When you took over the RFP response team/process and implemented the methods for us to discuss and respond and create assignments and timeframes things went so much smoother. On occasion I’d have a last minute RFP we’d need to respond to and was nervous to even ask you to help with such a short window sometimes but you always just made it happen. You and your team. From a business standpoint your shoes and temperament will be hard to fill.

On a personal note, you’ve helped me see things differently at times and your calming manner has helped me dodge a landmine or two. You’re one of the good ones and I’ll miss you. Please stay in contact now and then. Best wishes in retirement!!! Jim Trevino

I don’t have one specific story about Steve.  To me, Steve is a collection of many of the character traits that I strive to improve on in myself every day.  Among those traits is Steve’s consistency and even-keeled demeanor.  When I first began at Day, one of the first projects that I worked on went through the pre-sale proposal team and I got to work with Steve for the first time.  We were up against a tight deadline and Steve had about 5 other projects that were due around that same time.  His task list seemed too large to complete.  However, he remained calm, didn’t rush, and continued to work without panic.  We met the deadline and I’m sure he met all of the other deadlines as well.  That same even-keeled approach translated into many other facets of our business.  Whether it was speaking with frustrated customers, negotiating internal relationships between divisions, or figuring out the best strategy to attack and win a project, Steve has been the ultimate mediator for our company.  He always tried to look at each deal with the Day Wireless Systems as a whole in mind.  That sort of “team first” attitude was a great example for others within our company to follow.  Personally, I have learned very much from Steve.  While I have learned much about business every day from him over the past 5 years that I have been with the company, I value most his passion and character as a man.  I’ll miss seeing him in the office every day and bouncing ideas for the future off of him.  He genuinely wants the best for people and has always been willing to help.  I wish him the best years to come with his family and on the golf course!  He has earned every minute!     

– Jim Muzynoski


It has been a pleasure and an honor working with you these past 15 years, you will be sorely missed! Your position may be filled but you will never be replaced.

May God bless your future plans; I hope the very best for you and your family!

Live long and prosper my friend, missed you will be!

Darin DeMasters

Steve – Appreciate having the chance to work with you over the last several years. You’re a great teacher and have a wealth of knowledge 2nd to none. I’m sure not only I, but all of Day will truly miss you as business “go to guy” and personally. Wish you the best in retirement! PS – who’s supposed fall for my rubber snake gag after you’re retired!?


Jason Knutson


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