Are you dealing with radio interference? Reality check…your frequencies are probably not exclusive.

Commercial and government two-way radio users are required to operate with an FCC license.  A common misconception is that once properly licensed, the frequency that gets licensed to you becomes exclusive in that area.  Frequency coordinators do an admirable job trying to mitigate interference by geographically separating users on the same frequency as much as possible.  However, in some metro areas it is just not possible.  There is simply too much demand for the finite resource of land mobile radio (LMR) spectrum.  Even the 2013 narrowband mandate has not relieved the pressure of the overcrowding of spectrum in metro markets.

Taking a look at several metro markets on the West Coast, you can see how congested the traditional LMR bands have become.


  • The average UHF frequency in LA County is shared by 18 different licensed entities.
  • The most congested frequency (464.0375) is shared by 100 different entities.



  • The average UHF frequency in the Bay Area is shared by 13 different licensed entities.
  • The most congested frequency (467.85) is shared by 40 different entities.



  • The average UHF frequency in King County is shared by 5.4 different licensed entities.
  • The most congested frequency (456.4625) is shared by 25 different entities.


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Co-channel radio interference can cause busy tones, cross-business transmissions, and can impact the safety and productivity of your workforce.


We have a solution!

Day Wireless Systems is working together with Motorola to provide large on-site radio users the opportunity to lease EXCLUSIVE spectrum in 900 MHz at an extremely low spectrum acquisition cost.  The licenses will be valid for 10 years.  900 MHz is excellent for in-building signal propagation and should be a consideration for companies concerned with dependability and security of radio systems using shared spectrum.  Motorola has a complete line of 900 MHz equipment operating on the MOTOTRBO platform.


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