7 Things Electrical Contractors Need to Know About Public Safety DAS

In their search for new projects, electrical contractors will frequently come across added requirements in RFPs for “Emergency Responder Radio Coverage” (ERRC) requiring a distributed antenna system (DAS) for public safety.

Unlike cellular DAS, which is primarily used to extend cell coverage throughout a building, public safety DAS is a two-way radio signal-booster installed specifically for first responders.  Police officers, EMT’s, and firefighters who enter these buildings need to have approved radio coverage, in accordance with International Fire Code (IFC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  These requirements stem from 9/11 when first responders were not able to communicate via radio inside the World Trade Center towers.

Our complimentary E-Book will give electrical contractors an introduction to ERRC requirements and 7 foundational concepts needed for a successful public safety DAS project.

7 things electrical contractors need to know about public safety DAS

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