Amplify Two-Way Radio With Safety Reimagined

With today’s labor and hardware shortages, every workplace efficiency has value for organizations who can’t afford to sacrifice risk reduction. 

Safety Reimagined  means taking the ecosystem of technology you’re already using–voice, data, analytics, and incident management tools–and integrating them into one platform, called Orchestrate. This reimagined approach to safety and security technology promotes efficiency and is built to be proactive and prevent crime before it starts.  

Orchestrate is a first-of-its-kind technology. It connects systems that are usually separate into one easy-to-use workflow. Safety Reimagined uses Orchestrate to significantly shorten the time it takes for a response to unwanted behavior and intrusions.  

Scenario: a Geofence For a School
A school has a back field with an open walkway, and kids are wandering off the premises during the school day. Unwanted visitors are also coming onto the school grounds. 

  • A  motion detection for the open walkway with thermal, body size and behavior pattern has been set up in the system
  • When a person crosses or loiters near the geofence, the appropriate parties are immediately notified
  • Notification indicates on the two-way radio handset unwanted activity has been detected in the open walkway at the back field within seconds of detection


Scenario: a Hotlisted License Plate Detection
A vehicle from a person previously threatening harm drives on to the property. 

  • Software analytics detect the license plate number from security footage 
  • Notification on the security radio handset indicates the plate match 
  • Security is able to intercept vehicle and driver before they get out of their vehicle


Scenario: School Bus Barn Late Night Intruder Detection

Intruders are breaking in at night to steal catalytic converters and other items from school buses. 

  • Using thermal detection cameras, physiological motion is detected
  • Analytics will determine if after hours motion is a person vs a company dog or other non-person
  • A workflow was set up in Orchestrate to alert radios if they see any human motion between 5pm – 2am
  • Security can use two-way radio to communicate via PA speaker to bus barn, alerting intruders police are on their way and curtailing unwanted activity


Orchestrate optimizes security for many organizations who do not have physical video monitoring, especially after hours. It provides instant notification of ground security, allowing the camera system to instantly alert appropriate parties, saving response time and employee resources. Reduce the response time and give better situational awareness with Safety Reimagined. To learn more, contact us

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