Checking in With Motorola’s Safety Reimagined

As a partner of Day Wireless Systems through the years, we caught up with Sharon Hong, vice president of enterprise technology at Motorola Solutions, to explore one of Motorola Solutions’ most ambitious projects and what she sees for the future of the security ecosystem. 

Motorola Solutions has been developing technologies for the public safety market for over 90 years and has evolved beyond critical communications by investing in and integrating command center software, video security and access control to create a single unified ecosystem to serve public safety and enterprise customers globally.

“Over the years, Motorola Solutions has invested heavily in the research and understanding of our customers, their priorities, industry-specific challenges and pain points unique to their organization,” says Sharon Hong, vice president of enterprise technology at Motorola Solutions. “What we’ve learned along the way is that technology solutions don’t often work together the way they should to deliver the outcomes and efficiencies that our customers need, which is why we introduced Safety Reimagined. Our ecosystem helps customers detect and analyze events, seamlessly communicate and respond appropriately in any situation.”

Delivering Outcome-based Solutions

With a vast amount of security and safety options available from Motorola Solutions, Hong finds it easiest to start with understanding the challenges an organization faces and the goal they would like to accomplish. “What outcome can you achieve when security products integrate and work well together?” she often asks.

When most people think about school safety, they think about protecting students from gun violence. While building the Safe Schools ecosystem, Motorola Solutions learned that while gun violence was a concern, administrators spent more time grappling with other safety and security concerns such as medical emergencies, bullying, accidents and vandalism.

For example, a school that dealt with vandalism to its roof was considering a costly solution of building a wall around the roof area to prohibit access. In speaking with Motorola Solutions, they learned that the company’s video security system and a perimeter breach analytic could send an alert when someone crosses the perimeter and attempts access to the roof. The visibility of the video security cameras alone has helped the school reduce intrusion.

With Motorola Solutions’ Safety Reimagined, technology users can achieve these types of outcomes:

  • Safer people and assets
  • More efficient operations
  • Faster response times
  • Maximized resources
  • Teams freed from the endless tug-of-war with their technology and empowered to focus on their mission
Benefits of Integrating Technology Solutions

Today, organizations are grappling with increasingly complex operational and security challenges, from recognizing events, evaluating situations and responding to threats before they escalate, to effectively monitoring widespread and diverse areas of operation and connecting workgroups that need to collaborate.

Too often, customers are using disparate technologies whether solely relying on radio communications, video security cameras or access control systems. While each technology solution provides operational insights on its own, they become even more powerful when integrated together. With integrated technologies, customers can create and automate custom workflows to prepare their organizations to respond more efficiently to day-to-day disruptions and save precious seconds during  more serious security incidents. For example, an AI-enabled camera can detect movement in a restricted area of a large airport, triggering an automated alert to security, allowing them to instantaneously track an intruder via camera feeds, and they can dispatch local security personnel to the right location, keep them updated on their radios and resolve and log the incident – all in a matter of moments.

Motorola Solutions’ cloud-based business workflow automation tool, Orchestrate, lets users create automated workflows and manage how technologies ‘talk’ to each other. By collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data from various sensors, software and devices within the ecosystem, the platform provides real-time insights to security personnel. This enables them to make informed decisions, allocate resources efficiently, and respond promptly to emergencies.

“Not only does technology integration give customers the ability to detect and analyze an event using video security cameras, now they can automatically lock doors and communicate the event to radios,” Hong said.

Motorola Solutions’ Unique Proposition

There are a lot of companies in the security space that claim the word “ecosystem.” What makes Motorola Solutions’ ecosystem unique is that they have invested in integrating and automating their technologies to serve public safety and enterprise customers globally and they focus on delivering a portfolio of outcomes vs. a portfolio of products.

This is a true differentiation from security providers who offer platforms integrated with third parties via APIs, which means when those organizations make changes, it breaks the integration and it can be difficult to identify the source of a problem and get it fixed.

“The great thing about the Safety Reimagined ecosystem is that customers can begin with just one or two technology solutions and scale up as needed,” says Hong. “Similar to adding home devices like Alexa or Apple House with ease, we want to make it easy for all of our products to connect seamlessly within the ecosystem.”

Industry Leader

The Safety Reimagined ecosystem provides users with a variety of options for their operations. This level of integration within the ecosystem is new to the industry and experienced channel partners like Day Wireless Systems can help customers navigate what they need, not just once, but again and again throughout a long lifecycle, as their needs continue to change and grow.  Day Wireless Systems is a Safety Reimagined “badged” Partner, demonstrating the training and experience to deploy the full solution ecosystem.

Not only can DWS help with technology solutions, but our experts can also provide insight to funding options for all sectors that can more rapidly allow for new technology adoption. At DWS, we help our customers utilize this ecosystem to not only save lives but prevent them from being at risk to begin with. Contact us to set up a demo and learn more.

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