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School Safety Grants

School Safety Grants

See Which School Safety Grants Are Open Across the U.S.

While safety is a top concern for schools, we understand that not all schools have the resources they need in order to implement crucial security and school safety technology. Government grants are available to help bridge that gap.

Motorola Solutions has partnered up with the grant experts at to help with grant research, grant alert notices and grant application reviews in order to ensure you have a successful application.

Please click on this link to find open grants in your area.

Motorola Solutions has partnered with the experts at PoliceGrantsHelp, GovGrantsHelp, FireGrantsHelp and the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS)  to provide you with free grant assistance programs. Get started on your application today!

Safety and Security Guidelines

Partner Alliance for Safer Schools

Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) 

First established in 2014, the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) brings together expertise from the education, public safety, and industry communities to develop and support a coordinated approach to making effective use of proven security practices specific to K-12 environments, and informed decisions on security investments.

The mission of PASS is to provide school administrators, school boards and public safety and security professionals with information, tools and insight needed to implement a tiered approach to securing and enhancing the safety of school environments based on their individual needs, nationwide best practices, and making the most effective use of resources available.

PASS supports efforts by communities throughout the United States to provide and sustain an effective level of security appropriate to each district and K-12 facility, recognizing that making schools safer is both achievable and urgently needed.

Safety and Security Guidelines for K-12 Schools
The PASS Guidelines identify and classify best practices for securing K-12 facilities in response to urgent needs for information identified by the education community. The guidelines include:

  • Specific actions that can effectively raise the baseline of security.
  • Vetted security practices specific to K-12 environments.
  • Objective, reliable information on available safety and security technology.
  • Assessment of current security measures against nationwide best practices.
  • Multiple options for addressing security needs identified, based on available resources.
  • How to distinguish needed and effective solutions from sales pitches on unnecessary products.

Download the PASS Safety and Security Guidelines 6th Edition

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