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No matter your industry, there
is a MOTOTRBO radio for you.

How does your team ensure that every team member is properly communicating to each other while on the job? It is critical that your team members are equipped with the right two-way communication tools in order to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Whether it’s a noisy stadium or cafeteria, or heavy machinery at a facility, explore Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ Two-Way Radios and see how every radio is designed to help your team communicate, no matter where you are.

Discover The Ultimate in Seamless Operations
with a Total MOTOTRBO Solution

Nothing is faster than push-to-talk (PTT) when you need a quick answer or immediate emergency response. It provides real-time communication for individuals or groups across your entire team, from the control room to the front line, resulting in loyal customers, satisfied employees, and increased business.

Communication Technologies
Communicate Loud
and Clear
Reliable Voice Communication
and Beyond
Emergency Alerting /
Share Location Data

Today, from the production line to the power line, MOTOTRBO radios are helping people work more efficiently, productively, and safely. MOTOTRBO delivers the game-changing advantages of digital technology – from superb audio to expansive coverage – along with business-essential systems, applications, and accessories that unleash the power of the radio.

Choose the Right Solutions for the Right Users
Whether you want ultra-light portables or extra tough mobiles, integrated Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® or industry-leading data applications, MOTOTRBO has the right devices and systems to fit your workforce now and allows you to evolve as your enterprise grows.

 MOTOTRBO Ion Portable

MOTOTRBO Ion Portable
Access critical voice and instant broadband data on a tough device with the MOTOTRBO Ion smart radio.

 MOTOTRBO R7 Series Portables

MOTOTRBO R7 Series Portables
With advanced audio processing, rugged construction, and advanced connectivity options, these radios get your workforce ready for tomorrow.

 MOTOTRBO R2 Series Portables

MOTOTRBO R2 Portable
A next-level workhorse, the MOTOTRBO R2 marries durability and ergonomics in a portable, two-way radio with superior range and audio. With R2 your message travels far and wide – and clear.

 MOTOTRBO XPR 3000e Series Portables

MOTOTRBO XPR 3000e Series
The XPR 3000e Series is designed for the everyday worker who needs effective communications. With systems support and loud, clear audio, these next-generation radios deliver cost-effective connectivity to your organization.

 MOTOTRBO XPR 5000e Series Mobiles

MOTOTRBO XPR 5000e Series Mobile
With high-performance integrated voice and data, and advanced features for efficient operation, these radios deliver complete connectivity to your organization.

Leverage Expert Applications That Get the Job Done Efficiently
MOTOTRBO fits the way businesses run today, with an expert Application Developer Program that helps you customize your communication solution to your environment and workforce. Solutions range from text messaging, centralized dispatch, and GPS tracking to personnel monitoring and work order ticket management. Applications like these make it easier to accomplish multiple tasks on a single purpose-built device. Leverage data applications from our application developer program to enhance your communications.

No matter how large or small your enterprise, MOTOTRBO offers a wide range of systems specifically designed for your business – for the days ahead and the years beyond. You get the best of two-way radio with digital technology and enjoy integrated voice and data communication, increased capacity, enhanced features, and exceptional voice quality, across the city and around the globe.

Repeaters, controllers, and gateways are the backbone of your MOTOTRBO two-way radio system. They ensure your radio network is available at all times and that communications are clear, reliable, and secure across your enterprise.

Consoles & Management
With options designed for your business, this portfolio of dispatch consoles and system management applications has the features you need to make quick decisions, mobilize a fleet, and keep teams informed.

From discreet Bluetooth earpieces to efficient battery solutions, our complete portfolio of accessories optimizes the performance of your MOTOTRBO radio. They are designed to help you perform your best, wherever you work, and unleash the power of the industry’s most advanced digital radio platform.

Ensure and maintain the robust performance of your MOTOTRBO radios with a complete suite of services. We’ve got you covered, from pre-installation to post implementation, with expert support to make sure your business runs without interruption, disruption, or unplanned downtime.


  • Extensive Portfolio
  • Custom-Build Your Complete Solution
  • Loud and Clear Voice Communications
  • All Devices Work Together Seamlessly
  • Outstanding Range and Battery Life
  • Wide Range of Applications


  • Keep Track and In Touch at All Times
  • Increase Productivity, Safety, and Efficiency
  • Collaborate More Effectively
  • Stay Focused on The Task Ahead
  • Built to Be Future-Ready

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