Mountain Wave Search and Rescue Operations Strengthened with New Vehicle

Mountain Wave Search and Rescue unveiled their new vehicle yesterday which will help search and rescue missions in Oregon stay connected with  state of the art mobile dispatch and communication equipment.  Their “new” vehicle is actually an old fire truck, donated by Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, and outfitted by Day Wireless who through countless hours  and partner support donated approximately $230,000 in labor and equipment to get the vehicle operational.



“Effective communication is an essential part of resolving emergencies, especially in remote areas. Mt. Wave can link together all responding organizations, track and record resources, and provide GIS, mapping and tech support. We also maintain caches of radio, satellite trackers, GPS, and other equipment. This generous donation from Day Wireless Systems and TVF&R will dramatically improve our ability to respond to search missions, disasters, and other large-scale emergencies all over the region with state-of-the art equipment.” – Russ Gubele, President, Mt. Wave Search & Rescue

Day Wireless would like to thank all of our vendor partners who helped with donations to the vehicle…there are over 30 of you.  Some of the major contributors include Motorola, Tessco, FLIR, & Keybank.

Mountain Wave Search and Rescue Operations Strengthened with New Vehicle

Mountain Wave Emergency Communications is an Oregon non-profit organization founded in 1992. They provide a vast number of emergency services including, emergency medical services, cellular phone tracking, search and rescue teams, wild-land fire teams, and more! They’re made up of 150+ volunteer members and are 100% donation supported.

Learn more about Mountain Wave Emergency Communications and how you can help here:


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