5 Ways MOTOTRBO Radios Can Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

The concept is pretty abstract at first….How could MOTOTRBO radios possibly help stop the spread of coronavirus?  But when you look up the recommendations by the CDC, two-way radio actually becomes a pretty interesting tool to facilitate some of the best practices recommended to businesses for COVID-19 prevention.

As businesses and government re-open their doors, the “new normal” will be changing policies and processes to safeguard the health of employees and public.  As we’ve seen in the news, examples of senior care facilities, food manufacturing, and others, the virus’ spread among workers can be extremely swift and lead to long term closures.  Some of these businesses will never fully recover.

With that in mind, we’ve created this infographic to help our customers and community think a little outside the box to help solve “new normal” COVID challenges for business.

5 Ways MOTOTRBO Radios Can Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus


Social Distancing

Radios can help facilitate team meetings for frontline workers.  While office workers have ZOOM meetings, frontline staff still need to meet up.  Radios would allow for these quick meetings without needing to be in the same room.


Work from Home

WAVE Broadband PTT technology allows users to remain part of the team & radio communication group, working from anywhere, on any Android & iOS device.

IP radio dispatch console technologies allow dispatchers to work anywhere with a PC with full control and access to their radio system and users.

Personal Protection

MOTOTRBO radios with Bluetooth technology allow users to use audio accessories that work even with PPE devices such as N95 masks, face shields, and body suits.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

MOTOTRBO radios (3000e series/7000e series) are fully submersible, so you are able to disinfect them thoroughly according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

No Yelling!

Aerosol droplets that contain coronavirus can typically travel 3-6 feet from the mouth when expelled with normal breathing.  In situations where more energy is expended (coughing, singing, loud talking) the distance could be much further, potentially over 20 ft.  MOTOTRBO radios allow users to speak at a normal volume even in loud environments; the background noise is filtered out and the spoken audio is amplified to the appropriate level for the listener.


We are having conversations every day with vendor partners, customers, and colleagues, thinking of new ideas of how our solutions can be deployed to keep workers safe and businesses running.  In fact, the list got too long to include all of them in the infographic.  We are all in this together.  Best practices need to be shared and implemented.

Contact us if you would like to share an idea, or speak to a representative about implementing a COVID-19 preventing solution.

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