Your Next Mobile Two-Way Radio: Get Moving With the TLK 150

TLK 150

Mobile two-way radio has long represented an invaluable communication link for fleet management and vehicle operators. The convenience of simple push-to-talk (PTT) technology has enabled instantaneous updates between dispatchers and drivers.

However, the limits of previous generations of two-way radio technology have resulted in a situation in which reconfigured networks required extensive hardware and infrastructure upgrades, while nationwide coverage necessitated cumbersome licensing or was otherwise impossible.

Today, the TLK 150 mobile two-way radio model and its handheld cousin, the TLK 100, enable operators to use PTT to easily connect with geographically dispersed talk groups throughout the country. These devices connect with existing MOTOTRBO systems to dramatically increase coverage compared to existing setups.

A 2020 survey from enVista found that the top challenge for supply chains over the coming year was the balancing act required to manage growing e-commerce needs while also prioritizing stores. This a logistics environment that demands speed, transparency and seamless coverage.

Overall, the TLK 150 is a mobile two-way radio that provides better connectivity, enhanced productivity and valuable safety features, all of which are needed to keep pace in the current supply chain landscape.

Better Connectivity From Your Two-Way Radio

While coverage will vary depending on your location, the nationwide connectivity available from using a TLK 150 certainly surpasses the capacity of smaller local trunked systems while still enabling clear audio exchange between users in established talk groups.

This is accomplished by leveraging 4G networks, and it doesn’t require users to undergo spectrum or Federal Communications Commission licensing. Instead, a subscription-based solution allows you to talk with other users across different platforms from nearly anywhere in the country.

Both private and group conversation modes are possible using the TLK 150, and mobile two-way radio users enjoy clear audio quality from the road. External speakers are available for an additional boost.

Enhanced Productivity With TLK 150

By maximizing the possibilities inherent in nationwide PTT, TLK 150 users can experience improved productivity compared to what would be expected while using traditional mobile two-way radio models.

Operators can toggle among multiple teams with just one button, and built-in location tracking empowers dispatchers to transparently communicate delivery and arrival times to outside parties while guiding vehicle operators toward more efficient routes. The TLK 150 also features Wi-Fi connectivity to provide a fallback option when accessing the 4G network proves difficult, a feature that may be especially handy for dispatch operators or those communicating from indoor environments.

Communication can also be synced over the WAVE app for a reliable connection with smartphone users in the talk group. WAVE allows for seamless communication and PTT convenience, regardless of each user’s preferred device, their location or the network they’re using.

Updating subscriptions is easy, too, since everything can be handled remotely and wirelessly, without difficult manual alterations. The TLK 150 can be mounted on top of the dashboard, under it, or inside it using your existing Motorola XPR 2500 mounting kit.

Stay Safe While You’re Connected

The TLK 150 mobile two-way radio makes it easy for vehicle operators to access simple voice communications without being distracted by a complicated screen or any other features that might force their attention away from safe driving. This unit is compliant with standards from the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration (FMCSA).

The device is suitable for seeking emergency assistance from other users. In addition to one-button PTT capabilities, the TLK 150 can be paired with hands-free accessories, remote mounts, visor microphones or foot switches so drivers can communicate without interrupting the safe operation of their vehicles.

The mobile units are also built to withstand dust and water intrusion, ensuring that vital communications can continue unimpeded, despite challenging circumstances, to support mobile two-way radio operators during their times of greatest need.

Approaching Nationwide Mobile Two-Way Radio Coverage With Day Wireless Systems at Your Side

If you’re looking for information about how to upgrade, manage or leverage the full capacity of your mobile two-way radio solutions and nationwide PTT devices, a representative from Day Wireless can help make sure you have the tools and technical know-how needed. We offer support, sales and service to a variety of customers who need best-in-class two-way radio and PTT communications. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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