How Smart Radios Can Help Health Care Meet Today’s Security Challenges

Security challenges evolve over time, and the health care sector is no different in this regard. As security issues shift and change, new techniques and strategies — including technological innovations — are required for adapting to the circumstances.

Smart radios, like the new MOTOTRBO Ion, may help security professionals working in health care to keep pace with today’s top issues. Here, we’ll explore topics that present a rising concern for health care security, and we’ll review the features of the MOTOTRBO Ion smart radio. We’ll then examine ways in which those technologies, along with existing strategies, can be used to address emerging concerns.

Rising Security Situations in Health Care

In the current security environment, hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities are facing a rising number of threats, and the severity of each challenge is growing as well. In addition, security personnel are being pulled into a growing variety of emergency management responsibilities, increasing the need for redundant communications.

A recent article from Campus Safety compiled responses from experts in the field as they discussed the latest trends. Marc Tryon, a senior director for safety and security at St. Peter’s Health Partners, predicted more coordination across departments.

“We will have further integration of security into the clinical health team as an asset for delivery of service,” said Tryon, highlighting the importance of preparing for concerns related to workplace violence, pandemic response and a growing number of other hazards.

During crisis situations, security concerns may escalate. According to a press release from National Nurses United, a November 2020 nationwide survey indicated that about 20% of nurses said rising workplace violence was a problem as the pandemic continued. The respondents cited lower staff levels, variation in the patient population and restrictions on visitation as underlying causes.

In the Campus Safety article, Linda Glasson, a retired industry consultant, indicated that she thought security would rely more heavily on “technology, data and trending analytics.”

What Is a Smart Radio?

Smart two-way radios can embody a convergence of technologies, incorporating push-to-talk (PTT) voice alongside the integration of cameras, incident response systems and access control features.

The leading device in this category is the MOTOTRBO Ion.

MOTOTRBO Ion Features

The MOTOTRBO Ion unites clear and audible PTT technology with the ability to leverage Android applications and Motorola Solutions systems. The device boasts rugged design, long battery life and touch-screen controls.

Connectivity options include:

  • Wave PTX.
  • MOTOTRBO digital mobile radio (DMR).
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE).
  • Wi-Fi.

Health Care Security Use Cases for Smart Radios

A wide variety of connection and coverage options are the starting point for what smart radios like the MOTOTRBO Ion can offer to health care security operations. As we’ve seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, during which far-flung testing and vaccination sites had to be established quickly, mobility must be a top concern for professionals in this area. In locations where traditional radio coverage is not practical or readily suitable, superior redundancy is a valuable commodity.

Even within contained, permanent health care environments, smart radios like the MOTOTRBO Ion offer distinct advantages for security staff members and all other employees.

  • With reliable and dependable access to multiple communication channels on a single device, users can instantly — and seamlessly — reach and respond to all pressing concerns in a timely manner, regardless of how they’re contacted.
  • Integration with the Motorola Solutions security ecosystem means greater access to platforms that facilitate access control and incident response management. Timely coordination can mean all the difference for ensuring the welfare of vulnerable patients and maintaining the security of all workers within the facility.

The health care industry must be able to quickly pivot to accommodate crisis situations, and the downstream effects on security operations can be significant. Through closer integration between communication platforms and security systems, directors can help maintain workplace safety. Seamless communication across channels and redundant connectivity options ensure that smart radio users are always in the loop and ready to respond.

Leverage Smart Radios Like the MOTOTRBO Ion for Security Operations in Your Health Care Environment

If you’re interested in taking the next step toward comprehensive and resilient security operations, MOTOTRBO Ion smart two-way radios can be a useful tool. Contact a Day Wireless Systems expert today to learn how we can help you on this journey.

If you have additional situations for which you think smart radios may be particularly useful, we’d love to hear from you, too.


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