Vehicle Upfitting: What To Look For

If you manage a fleet of vehicles used for a specialized purpose, there’s a good chance you could benefit from upfitting in order to increase mobile productivity for your staff and crew members. Public agencies in particular, including utility providers and law enforcement agencies, must conduct a large proportion of their shifts away from central offices, working directly with members of communities at their homes and places of business, as well as in the field.

We have several upfitting options available for supporting your team.

Vehicle Upfitting Uses

You may be purchasing a new fleet of vehicles or looking to upgrade the technology for existing autos. In either case, there are a variety of reasons you might be looking for new solutions that require custom, end-to-end installation and integration, including:

  • Amber lighting for safety.
  • Data modems and radio for wireless connectivity.
  • Camera installations for acquiring video footage.
  • Custom consoles and mounts for equipment support.
  • “Office on wheels” integrations and custom storage options.
  • Mobile command center capabilities and advanced technological support.

Many of these use cases require high-level technical expertise and the ability to ensure consistency and interoperability across all vehicles in a fleet.

Products That Support Vehicle Upfitting Needs

The team at Day Wireless Systems can help you figure out which products will work best for your institutional requirements while integrating seamlessly with existing equipment. To get started, here are some product categories you may want to consider for your vehicle upfitting needs.

Computer stands and laptop docking stations

Mobile technicians need a secure workstation for communicating with the central office, conducting research while in the field, accessing pertinent databases for necessary information, completing reports and more.

Computer stands and laptop docking stations support these field representatives by providing them with stable support for working on their laptops while the vehicle is parked on the scene. To make sure that expensive equipment is secure from theft, some of these products come equipped with a key lock for enhanced physical protection of the device. Docking stations can be universal or designed to work with specific vehicle models.

For example, Day Wireless Systems recently worked with a Havis passenger-side mount purchased by a municipal public works agency for a fleet of its vehicles. The adjustable product helped provide a usable workstation on the go. When paired with in-vehicle Wi-Fi and modems, representatives enjoyed seamless access on the road.

On-board modems and antennas

In addition to providing the necessary physical support, stability and security for these technology configurations, fleet managers must also consider their connectivity needs when looking for upfitting products and partners.

One option is to use vehicle routers like the Sierra Wireless Airlink RV55. As your requirements grow, however, you may consider the MP70, which can establish mobile Ethernet and Wi-Fi access using a cellular connection in order to support essential functions, including secure retrieval of records from remote databases. In addition, the MP70 allows for 128 simultaneous Wi-Fi connections compared to the 10 available with RV55.

As the needs of mobile workstations expand, larger coverage areas are coming into heightened demand and throughput needs are growing. To support these kinds of requirements, installing a modem and external antenna may be the best solution for your vehicle upfitting order.

Regardless of the option that works best for you, the experts at Day Wireless Systems can help ensure you have the appropriate internet connectivity options to meet your needs today and into the future.

The Importance of Dedicated Support for Your Vehicle Upfitting Needs

Experienced technicians are essential when you’re looking for a vehicle upfitting partner. The team at Day Wireless Systems has a proven track record of success, having established standardized processes to keep prices under control. Our experts also have the knowledge needed to troubleshoot unique situations.

Among other distinctions, we’re proud to share that our team

  • Has been installing in-vehicle technology for over 50 years
  • Offers upfitting services and support from 28 locations throughout the West, which can be a big benefit for commercial operators.
  • Is listed on the SoundOff Signal’s NASPO Contract.
  • Holds the Ford Contract in Washington with Columbia Ford to upfit any state Ford vehicles.

Start Exploring Your Vehicle Upfitting Options Today

From law enforcement agencies to public works organizations and commercial vehicles, upfitting needs can vary widely. In addition, individual groups have their own unique requirements for equipment security and support. The team at Day Wireless Systems is ready to help you explore which options will best meet your particular needs. With a wealth of experience in the industry, we’re prepared to install your solutions, too, providing you with end-to-end support for your fleet.

Reach out to our upfitting experts today. Our team will provide you with our professional recommendations and share a demonstration of some of our vehicle upfitting capabilities.

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