Mackenzie Day Appointed COO of Day Wireless

Milwaukie, OR — Day Wireless Systems (DWS), a communications company owned and run by a family with over one hundred years in telecommunications and wireless service operation, has announced its new Chief Operating Officer (COO) position will be filled by 5th generation family member Mackenzie Day, who has been involved with the DWS business most of her life.

DWS has experienced significant growth at the helm of CEO Gordon Day, who took over the Motorola two-way radio business in 1989. Having gone from a single location in Oregon, DWS now operates 30 locations with offices in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming, along with engineering and rental projects across the US and internationally. The new COO position will oversee tower construction, electrical, sites and systems, sales, service, and rentals, and provide major support for CEO Gordon Day in the expanding business.

Ms. Day recalls realizing she was destined to join the DWS team at age thirteen, when she could be found running the front desk at Day Wireless System’s main office location. “It’s a decision I came to on my own,” says Day. “We had around 200 employees at the time, my father (Gordon Day) told me he was essentially responsible for the survival of 200 families, a huge responsibility, but it motivated him to go to work every day. I knew at that moment I wanted to help and continue that responsibility. If you can help 200+ families, that’s something to strive for.”

Day subsequently spent fifteen years working in many areas of the organization, embracing roles in office administration, service, tower construction, and sales.  Most recently she has been the Director of Business Development, where she helped with negotiations for RCS Communications, a recent acquisition in Provo, Utah which opens up the growing Salt Lake City market for further DWS expansion.

Along with receiving a degree in Business Administration and Management from Oregon State University, Day also spent time working at outside companies, including Toyota Motor Sales and a prestigious Portland law firm, experience she credits to helping provide balance and perspective to her work at the family firm.

Personally, Day is married with two young girls and a step son, and although she finds parenting very rewarding, she is also looking forward to resuming personal hobbies such as rock climbing and competitive running.

Projects she is proudest that DWS is involved with include Washington County Network (WCN) and Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network (PSERN), both emergency radio network upgrade projects.

Overall, Day is looking to leverage the new COO position to bring a synergy to the growing organization to help ensure departments are coordinating well and not missing cross service opportunities.  Other opportunities she anticipates include expanding the DWS footprint into new markets, providing an increase in base of operations for large national customers.

“We’re looking forward to a new leadership structure that will help us meet the increasing demands of our growing business,” said Gordon Day, CEO of Day Wireless Systems. “Mackenzie has not only dedicated herself from an early age to become a leader at DWS, she has shown the fortitude for learning and helping out wherever she is needed. Stepping into this role not only helps us meet current needs, it provides capacity for future growth, and also sets us up for new generations to continue the vision of our parents and grandparents.”

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Contact: Jeff Nishimura, Marketing Manager

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