Make Harvest Easier With Two-way Radio Rentals

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It’s the time of year when all your hard work is being collected. If you are like most in the farming or agriculture industry, you’ll hire up to hundreds of hands to help bring in the harvest over the next few months, from pickers to production and packing, and all the organization they entail. 

Time is crucial. Your crop needs to get to drying racks, cooling trucks and coolers quickly or product, and money, will be lost. Downtime is a costly risk, and your workers are spread throughout different fields, orchards, and crops across long distances. Cell service is spotty to non-existent in the remote areas where your workers are needing direction or assistance. 

Your organization needs efficient communication to ensure harvest runs smoothly. An extensive, scalable two-way radio system would enable your team to keep the momentum; however, you don’t need hundreds of extra radios that will sit on a shelf most of the year, requiring maintenance and upkeep. 

Ag Rental Experts

Day Wireless Systems are a Premiere Motorola Dealer with an extensive Rental inventory. We specialize in agriculture radio system deployment. Our rental office is more technical than any other radio provider, with highly trained technicians experienced in engineering, deployments, and fast troubleshooting—all in-house for quick turnaround. When needed, we can be hands-on getting radio repeaters set up, and we will deploy all handsets and equipment pre-programmed to work on the system you are using. 

Your radio rental solution can be set up with preset talk groups for communication within specific teams. If you have radio infrastructure, such as dispatch, GPS tracking, text communication, or smartphone integration, we can implement it in the rental units.  

We will be a call away from providing any service you require, from questions to troubleshooting and repair. In critical times, we can even provide 24/7 nationwide support. And, at the end of the season, simply send back all the equipment not required in the off season. 

DWS in-house communications experts can also design, deploy, and maintain systems on your behalf. Boost your efficiency, productivity, and your bottom line by improving communications with your employees in the the office and the field to get your product to market quickly.  Contact us for more info or to get a custom quote. 

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