Expert Radar Certification

How often does your department certify its radar equipment? Depending on the jurisdiction, you may be required to provide evidence of speed measuring device calibration every 1-3 years or sooner. Some jurisdictions may allow moving violation recipients to demand the calibration records used for estimating speed when defending their speeding ticket. Considering the recent pandemic, your equipment may be farther out of specification than is typical. 

Day Wireless Systems (DWS) can help with all your police radar needs in Washington, Oregon, and California. Not only do we offer installation, service, and repair of radar and LIDAR, we also provide calibration and re-certification programs, which meet published specifications and requirements of the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA). 

California law states, “The radar, laser, or other electronic device used to measure the speed of the accused meets or exceeds the minimum operational standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and has been calibrated within the three years prior to the date of the alleged violation by an independent certified laser or radar repair and testing or calibration facility. 

Washington law states “the Washington State patrol maintains a testing and certification program that requires each speed measuring device used by the WSP to be tested and certified for accuracy at least once every two years.” 

Oregon law varies based on the court that governs them, but typically looks for recertification every three years or less. DWS can accept mail-in equipment for certification anywhere in the United States. 

Expert Court Support

Our radar certification includes a notarized affidavit suitable for use in a court of law. Should a case require additional subject matter support, our FCC GROL licensed techs are also available to provide expert court witness testimony. 

Flexible Service Options

Mobile radar equipment: Conveniently ship your radar guns to our shops for service, calibration, and certification services anywhere in the United States. We generally offer a five-day turnaround. 

Fixed radar units: DWS also offers mobile radar service for installed equipment, which we can schedule at your convenience, or you can ask to be notified when our tech is in your area (Washington, Oregon, or California). 

Expert Testing and Recertification 

Restoring speed measuring equipment to manufacturer’s specifications requires disassembly of the radar and aligning the power, receiver sensitivity, and microwave frequency. This process requires years of experience and training, as well as advanced  test equipment. Using trained, FCC licensed technicians not only provide accurate calibrations, but are trusted in court challenges. 

DWS provides SMD testing and recertification of factory calibrated Radar/LIDAR SMD units for MPH Industries, Kustom Signals, Applied Concepts, Decatur, LTI, and Stalker. Our technicians are FCC GROL licensed and well qualified to certify Speed Measuring Devices. 

We provide a Performance Report and Official Notarized Certificate of Recertification. 

Trust DWS to make sure your radar equipment is accurate and functioning in specification. Count on us to back up our speed measuring service. Contact us for details. 

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