How Ava Security Solutions is Disrupting Video Surveillance

This open ecosystem, cloud-based analytical video security system offers so much more than standard situational monitoring and it’s easy to install and use.

Regardless of the size of your business, you are likely feeling the need for the best way to protect your property, and safeguard employees and customers. Motorola has recognized the urgency of this emerging need and responded by acquiring a few of the leading providers, which now includes Ava Security, a flexible, cloud-based, enterprise-grade video security technology system with easy entry, mobile and remote access, and a minimal physical footprint. 

Best of all, the Ava system allows for use of existing equipment with all its bells and whistles (with any ONVIF compliant camera). Ava’s protocol is what they call open platform, which means not only are they flexible with hardware, but they open APIs, external alerts, webhooks, and dashboards to third-party developers to increase options and functionality. Although the equipment is very high quality, the price is more affordable than many other similarly robust solutions.

Speaking of flexibility, how Ava allows for video and metadata storage is an exercise in options that are disruptors by themselves: footage can remain on-premises in user-owned equipment; Ava Cloud Storage also includes 30 days of backup (with option to purchase more). Finally, backup to 3rd party cloud storage is another alternative.

As a holistic service, Ava helps your team react to anomalies and scenario enforcement in real-time. Rather than a solely reactionary security paradigm, Ava provides options to prevent issues from happening. 

Spotlight: Real-time Detection and Analysis

The leading feature of Ava is Spotlight, an automated program that triggers alerts of potentially unwanted behavior, pulling video feeds in question to the operator’s attention. 

For example, a vehicle that crosses painted lines in a parking lot could be a signal of other unwanted behavior. Pulling focus to that vehicle quickly allows your staff to assess any potential threat. Other rules could include loitering, fires, and other safety issues. 

Smart Presence: Increased Situational Awareness

Another smart surveillance feature is the aptly named Smart Presence, which provides occupancy insights of designated areas. By adding maps and floor plans, people and vehicles appear as dots in their precise on-site locations. Operators can see live footage as they move to the cameras’ fields of view. 

Threat detection can include tailgating, fire, unwanted or unaccompanied visitors, or active shooter scenarios. Ava’s audio capabilities also allow situational attention focus.

Regarding video recording, Ava is an object-based (not motion-based) system, which they call “interesting video.” Although 24 hours a day will be recorded, only this “interesting video” will be recorded in higher resolution, providing less space requirement for storage (or more footage that can be stored).  

Smart Search: Accurate Search Within Minutes

This feature allows operators to search video feeds by appearance, events, objects, similarity, or image. Strong search features more rapidly allow organizations to quickly identify suspicious people, property damage, perform cleaning crew inspections, and other tasks that would normally take hours of review. 

Ava can also search recordings based on audio analytics, providing another element to quickly find concerning surveillance documentation. 

Aware: Secure Remote Access and Link Sharing

Ava Aware interfaces with your video surveillance system and Ava’s secure cloud to achieve easy and simple deployment and access from anywhere in the world. Share links of recorded video with team members, claim investigators, and law enforcement, regardless of weather they have admin access to Aware or not. Get a secure download of video files in a standard mp4 format with digital watermarking for authenticity.  

Key benefits of Ava include: 

  • Build from operational investment by integrating with existing cameras
  • Add access control to extend capabilities via the Ava secure cloud services
  • Video and metadata storage remain on-premises; 30 days of Ava Cloud Storage backup is also included, if desired (with option to purchase more or backup to 3rd party cloud storage if desired)
  • Fast deployment with one-click Ava Dome and Ava 360 camera configuration
  • Up to 200 cameras per Ava appliance, giving a small footprint support for larger facilities
  • Ten year warranty 
  • Scalable – pay for what you need, when you need it, without the hassle of complicated licensing

Ava’s mission statement: “Ava exists because we believe that we can create a better, smarter way to deliver video security. We inject intelligence in our approach to security and all our products. We help organizations monitor, understand, and act on their surroundings to protect their people and assets in real-time.” 

Video security is a natural fit with Motorola and Day Wireless Systems. As a two-way radio, tower, and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) provider, our technicians are experts at configuration and service of wired and wireless-based media systems. We help numerous organizations, from local and government e911 and public safety systems, to hospitals, schools, lumber and mining, manufacturing and data centers, and Global Security Operations Centers (GSOC) with radio and security needs. Whether you are an existing radio customer looking to add or enhance your surveillance, or need help tying everything together, count on DWS to provide the most efficient and effective solutions for all your communication needs. 

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