Said to be known as one of the rare organizations who can provide “everything” for wireless systems located almost anywhere.

With a 50+ year history as a leader in two-way radio systems design, equipment, and installation, Day Wireless Systems (DWS) has built a reputation in the western US as a top provider of wireless systems, including two-way radio, Public Safety/e911, CCTV and Video Surveillance, Data Center Communications, Public Safety and Cellular DAS, GSOC (global security operations centers), ROIP (radio over IP), and communications towers. As a Motorola Platinum Channel partner, we’re one of a handful who are qualified as an Elite Specialist in Motorola service specialties, and we’ve worked closely with Motorola for decades. Our legacy is in design, implementation, and service of two-way radios and communications systems. 

While DWS has operations throughout the western US, including Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming, our organization has the depth of experience and connections to support projects across the United States—and beyond, if the project requires. As of 2022, we have been involved in implementing and servicing RF systems in over 25 countries. But it’s not just the ability to support customers of all sizes and locations that has been causing potential customers to take note; it’s the capabilities to fulfill so many objectives for customer needs.

In one example, our capabilities allow us to anticipate regulatory specifications and work with local authorities when providing design recommendations, as well as install them. Most other organizations don’t coordinate with the jurisdictional authority to get to occupancy on time and on budget, resulting in a lot of objectives not being met, which can result in overruns and fines. 

DWS can also consult on third party system designs to reconfigure and get approval from the governing body to ensure it meets their requirements. 

DWS is also experienced in managing disparate solutions; and a wide array of communications contractors and systems, helping ensure all equipment and players are meeting customer needs. We can offer consistency and provide holistic solutions, service, and long term maintenance of those systems and services. We specialize in identifying challenges or gaps that might occur so they can be addressed sooner, rather than become a surprise down the road. 

For these reasons, during one recent meeting with a global social media company, DWS was called a “unicorn” by the organization due to our ability to meet so many of our customer’s needs. Organizationally, we are ‘owning’ this status. While we wouldn’t consider ourselves “magical,” some would say our consistent and knowledgeable service is rare. Whether we are working with small companies or large entities, Day Wireless Systems will be your impossibly rare, borderline mythical, All-in-One Partner for wireless communication solutions. 

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