Cut Through the Red Tape with Day Wireless: a Streamlined Approach to Tower Colocation

Our expertise and simplified colocation process give you the highest quality service and locations while making onboarding a breeze. 

For over 50 years, Day Wireless Systems (DWS) has been known as a leader in the wireless industry, from sales, service, and rental of two-way radios to engineering and installing sophisticated communications systems. DWS also provides the infrastructure to host those systems, amounting to over 200 towers and communications sites in the western United States. 

We’re not the largest tower provider, but in our territory, we offer a constantly improving portfolio of tower locations, with a staff that is easy to reach and knows just about every location by name. Anchor tenant positions are available and welcomed. We won’t leave you hanging by a tether when it comes to getting situated. If a facility requires upgrades to meet your needs, we are open to collaborating on site modifications. If your team needs assistance with onboarding, we can connect you with trusted experts who can help navigate. 

Before we get started, here’s a quick list of what to expect: 

  • View our locations online or in person to find a suitable site- no log-in or password required!
  • Complete and submit a colocation application, with your scope of work and details of your proposed installation
  • Fully completed applications receive a quote, lease agreement, and/or next steps in as little as one week, in most cases
  • Once leased up, notice to proceed (NTP) process commences,  your team provides details such as insurance, tower climber credentials, timeline. We review the details and ensure all climbers and contractors meet the requirements of our safety standards
  • Need a construction crew?  We have climbers and full-service construction teams available.  Click here to connect with them.
  • Installation commences per NTP 
  • Upon completion, close out documents are provided and reviewed- your project is closed out and you are on air


Some additional information that may be helpful:

What work needs to be done before the application process?
Prior to submitting a colocation application, engineering should be performed, so you know your system’s power and space requirements, the minimum elevation needed, frequencies and bandwidth, and what is needed for your backup power system. 

If you get stuck, contact our consulting team to schedule an engineering consultation to determine your requirements and plan. We can help you figure out if you need equipment, a design plan, what frequency spectrum is available, etc. 

What site services do you provide?
We can facilitate an installation quote and assist with ordering equipment for the install, perform the installation, and make the total process hands-off for you if needed. If there is a special need, such as determining the placement of new structures, civil work, determining available breakers, or installing a backup power system, we can make an appointment to meet you on-site, provide a tour, and answer any questions you may have. 

We welcome conversations regarding tower site upgrades to meet your needs. Tower extensions, replacements, shelter modifications or upgrades are often a possibility. Talk to us about an accelerated upgrade to any site.  

As a privately-owned, long-term, and evolving wireless expert, DWS is the sweet spot for providing vertical real estate for your wireless needs with professional and personalized local service without the red tape and impersonal feel of larger companies. Choose DWS and enjoy a quick, pleasant colocation experience with flexible leasing terms that larger companies simply won’t entertain. 

For in-building applications, we are also experts in DAS technology and systems, and we work with e911 and first responders in this and other two-way radio applications. 

If you are ready to move forward, contact us to request a quote, or with any additional questions you have!  

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