Why Upgrade to Avigilon Unity Video 8? 

Motorola’s revolutionary Avigilon security products and software have been a leader in the world of surveillance and security systems, setting new standards all others have followed, including advanced surveillance analytics and automated alert triggers now more commonly available in the security industry. As “Solving for Safer Everywhere” is its new brand messaging, Motorola is continuing to show dedication to an overarching ecosystem achieved by a wide array of integrated two-way radio + video products and technology. “Solving for Safer” means schools, business, and public safety can connect the dots to simplify workflows and provide the perspective to make decisions with greater focus, accuracy, and speed.

Formerly known as Avigilon Control Center, with the launch of its next-generation Avigilon Unity Video 8 software, Motorola offers a range of new and improved features that will once again redefine the standards of security software. As a Motorola Platinum Channel partner, we’ll provide insights into the major updates included in version 8, with a special focus on the long-awaited weapons detection analytics, and provide guidance for those considering Avigilon or planning an upgrade. 

Major Updates in Avigilon Software: Version 7 to 8

Visible Firearm Detection

One of the most anticipated features in Avigilon 8 is the weapons detection analytics. This advanced feature is designed to enhance public safety proactively by identifying potential threats before they escalate. Using sophisticated algorithms and deep learning, the system can now detect visible weapons in real-time. This capability is critical for settings like schools, public venues, and corporate environments, where early detection of threats can significantly improve response times and outcomes.

Expanded Vehicle Types

In addition to firearm detection, Avigilon’s already robust object classification system has been further refined. Previously capable of differentiating between people and vehicles, the system now includes the ability to classify a wider array of vehicle subclasses, including van, pick-up truck, and commercial/box truck, as well as identifying vehicle color. This enhancement is not just about identifying a potential threat but also about more quickly focusing on the correct target, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the security system. Expanded vehicle type rules require an Avigilon H6A camera and will be enabled through an upcoming camera firmware release.

Improved User Interface and Usability

The transition from version 7 to 8 also brings a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. This improvement is designed to make the system more accessible and easier to navigate for users, regardless of their technical expertise. Simplified menu structures, enhanced dashboard visuals, and streamlined workflows are just a few of the enhancements that contribute to a more efficient user experience.

Scalability and Integration

Avigilon 8 has been engineered with scalability in mind. It can easily integrate with existing security systems and is designed to support the growing needs of businesses, whether it’s expanding the number of cameras or integrating new types of sensors.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

The upgrade also brings advanced reporting and analytics capabilities. These features allow businesses to easily receive actionable insights from their security data. Customizable reports, trend analysis, and incident tracking are some of the tools available to help organizations make informed decisions based on their security data.

Other Enhancements

Unity Video Privilege Management Roles, User Groups, and Policies can be centrally managed from Unity Cloud Services and synced across all the sites in your organization.

Unity Cloud Login For Unity Video Client – Users can now sign in to Unity Video Client using their Unity Cloud Services credentials.

Clips Link Sharing – Easily export and share short video clips (<5 minutes) via a link enabled by Unity Cloud Services. No additional licenses, fees, or subscriptions are required.

Unity Video Software Manager – All Unity Video applications can be downloaded and installed/upgraded together using the new Unity Video Software Manager.

Crowd Detection – Configure crowd size threshold rules and be alerted when unusual crowd growth has occurred or unusual sizes of crowds have formed when using an Avigilon H6A/H6X camera. A future camera firmware release is coming soon to support this feature.

Expanded Support for LPR and POS – License Plate Recognition And Point-Of-Sale features are now available for all editions of Unity Video (Core, Standard, and Enterprise) and on all platforms (including AI NVR and ENVR2).

Improved Face Matching – Face matching quality has been enhanced to provide better accuracy for Face Recognition watch lists and Appearance Search results.

Audio Analytics – Gunshots, breaking glass, screaming, and additional audio events can now be detected when using an Avigilon H6A camera. Gunshot audio analytics requires an add-on license for each camera.

Dynamic Privacy Masking – Track and blur people and vehicles appearing in video when using an Avigilon H6A/H6X camera. A future camera firmware release is coming soon to support this feature.

Avigilon Unity Video mobile app – Easily log in to your organizations, remotely monitor your sites by accessing cameras’ live view or recorded videos, receive alert notifications and manage alarms and events using your mobile device.

Upgrading to Avigilon Unity Video 8

For existing users of Avigilon, upgrading to the latest version is a straightforward process. It involves a small licensing fee and download of the new software. This process is designed to be seamless, ensuring that businesses can upgrade with minimal disruption to their operations.

New customers can also expect Motorola and Day Wireless Systems to support new installations and upgrades from competitor systems with our 50+ years of partnership and expertise. 

Before upgrading, it’s essential to check the compatibility of the existing hardware with the new software version. While Avigilon 8 is designed to be backward compatible, we will help verify the system requirements to ensure a smooth transition.

Motorola and DWS provide comprehensive support and assistance during the upgrade process. This includes access to detailed documentation, customer support services, and potentially on-site assistance, depending on the business’s service agreement.

When cost is a factor, our consultants are keyed in to finance strategies that include government grants and available payment structures. 

Additional Considerations for Organizations

For businesses considering Avigilon software or planning an upgrade, it’s vital to evaluate current and future security needs. This assessment will help in determining whether Avigilon’s new features align with their security objectives. DWS and Motorola will guide you through a comprehensive analysis in the solution determination phase. 

While there is a cost involved in upgrading or implementing Avigilon 8, an extensive cost-benefit analysis should be conducted. Advanced features, particularly weapons detection analytics, can offer significant value in terms of enhanced security, appropriate response, and peace of mind.

Understanding the full capabilities of the software ensures that the organization can leverage its features to the fullest extent. We understand that importance and will facilitate the training best suited for your organization. 

When adopting new security software, considering the long-term support and update policy of the provider is crucial. Count on DWS to provide regular updates and active support essential for maintaining the effectiveness of your organization’s security system.

Motorola’s Avigilon 8 represents a major leap forward in security software technology. With its advanced features like weapons detection analytics and improved object classification, it offers businesses a more robust and efficient security solution. Upgrading or choosing Avigilon for your organization’s security needs involves careful consideration of your organization’s specific requirements and a commitment to staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of security threats and technology.

Contact us to start a conversation about Avigilon, video security, two-way radio integration, or any of our broader communications equipment and services offerings. 

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