Remote Monitoring Services Prevent Downtime

If you’re operating a Motorola two-way radio system, you know keeping all components functioning properly is crucial. And getting ahead of future issues is just as valuable, especially with supply chain and labor shortage issues. You need to rely on always-on, always-secure networks, and more than ever it takes planning ahead. . 

The answer: remote monitoring management from Day Wireless Systems that are suitable for every size operation and will provide service and equipment alerts, allowing for early intervention. From small mom and pop shops to enterprise-level operations, DWS has a variety of solutions that will prevent downtime and reduce time spent diagnosing and fixing network issues. 

Let Us Diagnose You

For Motorola radio systems, our monitoring software solutions diagnoses can quickly: 

  • Detect interference and different types of busies
  • Display the signal strength (RSSI) of each radio transmission
  • Troubleshoot radio programming errors
  • Detect and disable rogue radios and unauthorized transmissions
  • Send alerts to find lost radios
  • Remotely reset and disable repeaters
  • Measure repeaters’ network latency in multi-site systems


But even with the many monitoring services available, it’s not enough if your team does not know when alerts are actionable or what to do about it. With DWS Remote Monitoring and Maintenance Programs, we will proactively monitor a variety of system and network alarms, ensuring your systems stay above an operational threshold.

Our techs can diagnose the issue remotely, enabling our team to bring the correct equipment on the first visit, reducing or preventing downtime. When possible, we can work with your on-site staff to provide immediate fixes. 

Plan In Advance

If equipment orders are required, it may potentially take months to receive the correct equipment with current supply chain issues. Remote monitoring allows more lead time for preventing outages, allowing us to help you better plan for equipment repair and placement. 

Your organization has made an investment in your radio network. Why not also make sure it runs optimally and you are notified as soon as your infrastructure has an issue or it’s not functioning as it should? Trust our expert technicians to help monitor and proactively maintain your two-way radio system. Contact us for a custom quote


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