Faster Industrial Plant Turnarounds

When it comes down to it, communication during a turnaround is the key to the entire operation; an inefficient wireless system can slow down the entire process, costing time, money, and frustration. Turnarounds often require radio rentals with complex systems to work with multiple teams under oversight of plant management, including petrochemical refineries or other industrial plants. Getting everyone communicating on the right channels provides the safety turnarounds require. 

That’s why it’s important to source two-way radio rentals from a Motorola dealer with decades of dedicated wireless communications experience working with refinery and industrial turnarounds. Day Wireless Systems (DWS) will coordinate with vendors and take care of all communication and system management. We are the one touchpoint for all your communication needs. 

Superior Equipment

As an authorized Motorola dealer, we have access to the latest and most suitable equipment and accessories. Our expertly-trained rentals staff keep our systems and hardware running in top shape and provide excellent support.  Other benefits of renting equipment directly from DWS include: 

  • Our radios are rugged, intrinsically safe (UL), and meet safety requirements for industrial applications
  • We have the latest Motorola R7 radios, with industrial-level noise cancellation using dual microphones to create the sharpest, clearest audio ever 
  • Our equipment can send and receive digital messages, ensuring recipients don’t miss communications


Expert Infrastructure

Working directly with a Motorola dealer provides the best tech team for Motorola two-way radios. We consult with site management to gain a thorough understanding of the site and scope of the project’s communication needs, ensuring the radio infrastructure works as needed from start to finish. 

  • Our quality of work and level of training is unsurpassed in the industry
  • We coordinate all the frequencies, channels, and workgroup users on site, resulting in less crosstalk and more messages reaching the right people at the right time
  • Radios will be programmed to work with on-site job or plant networks, with full support from our Motorola-trained technicians and staff
  • DWS ships out entire customized system ready to plug in and go


Plants and refineries: by working directly with DWS, not only will you be able to set up a backbone infrastructure for your own day-to-day needs, we can offer rentals directly to your contractors that are pre-programmed to piggyback on your system, ensuring everyone at your site has less downtime and are able to communicate more efficiently. We also provide ongoing support from our national network as needed. By coordinating all rental radios through a trusted partner, you can stay out of the process of coordinating, distributing, collecting, and auditing equipment.  You just leave that to us!


Contractors: we’ll work with your jobsite to ensure your two-way radios are in sync with the turnaround project host, helping your project come in on time and with exceptional performance. Since we offer our own equipment directly to you, we can provide competitive pricing. 

We are proud to offer the highest quality in Motorola two-way radio equipment,  technicians, outstanding support, and rental timeframes as short or long as you need. DWS is here to provide you with communications rentals on a local or national scale. Contact our Rentals department to learn more about how we can help your turnaround project. 

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