ISC West Conference 2023 – Security Industry Takeaways


After visiting the industry’s largest security trade show in the US, Day Wireless Systems reports back with our thoughts and points of interest. 

According to International Security Journal, the ISC West Conference—the nation’s leading comprehensive and converged security trade event of the year—saw a 56% gain in attendance for 2023, hosting over 27,000 security industry professionals in Las Vegas during this year’s conference March 28 – 31 at the Venetian Expo.  

As a Platinum Channel partner of Motorola, one of the largest ISC exhibitors and security system providers, we’ve witnessed their giant splash made by way of acquisitions and innovations into the security space. Using the base of two-way radio systems, Motorola has provided a path to not just video surveillance, analytics, and other security hardware, but a proven way for security, voice, and analytics technology to meet and be end-to-end orchestrated, something not many—if any—others can do. 

Emerging Trends

While a lot of companies in the security realm say they are providing integrations (many with radio as well as video and analytics), Motorola is unique in controlling the process from start to finish, manufacturing and controlling all the components they are integrating. Integration is key to Motorola’s Safety Reimagined. 

Motorola has picked the best in the market and provided mechanisms, such as Ally and Orchestrate, that seamlessly allow organizations to leverage analytics to trigger conditional logic, which include instantly alerting need-to-know people via radio of specific behavior. At ISC West, the Orchestrate demos were the highest traffic area of the Motorola booth, showing how easy it is to pull everything together and create actions that can save critical time in incident response.

Comparatively, other security providers offer API integrations and claim to provide similar capabilities, but they can only provide possibilities, they can’t show them in a live demo. This is concerning for organizations who would like to know their solution will work seamlessly before they buy. 

In the past, the concept of Safety Reimagined seemed fantastical, but now it is a reality. It’s being implemented industry-wide, but only Motorola is providing a way to tie video analytics instantly with security patrols. 

Motorola’s Security Presence Verified

Although we have seen the level of commitment Motorola has made to the security space, it was made real by their presence at this high-traffic event. The amount of effort they put into the show included a massive display and 50 staff in the booth at all times. The foot traffic was intense, with crowds of 100+ visiting throughout, making it one of—if not the most—visited booth. The market was very interested in what Motorola has to provide. 

Seeing the scale of the show, it confirmed what Motorola has been saying about their involvement in video surveillance. The impression is they used to be a land mobile radio  company but are now a security company that sells radio. 

Security Product Updates

One of the major announcements presented at ISC West 2023 was the realignment of Motorola’s security product suite under the Avigilon umbrella. Although both of the reorganized lines offer cloud-based options, the difference is in the size and equipment profile of the site/s that will be included, with Avigilon Alta being 100% cloud-based, and Avigilon Unity an on-premise system with cloud options.

Avigilon Alta cloud security suite: Products formerly known as Ava and Openpath
Avigilon Alta is Motorola’s cloud-native security suite that is able to be controlled from anywhere and can use many existing camera systems. Secured with end-to-end encryption, the 100% serverless solution supports any number of sites and the ability to integrate your current IT stack or custom apps for total operational flexibility. 

Avigilon Unity on-premise security suite: products formerly known as Avigilon Control Center, Avigilon Cloud Services, and Avigilon Access Control Manager

Avigilon Unity is the on-premise security suite solution that centralizes video security, access control, and flexible cloud management into one platform. Its AI-powered video management interface highlights what’s most important across sites and it links access control events with video evidence. This enterprise-grade scalable offering supports large complex environments. 

Both options provide ease of use, remote access, and sophisticated analytics.

Uniquely Positioned for Security

Lots of companies sell radio, and lots of companies sell video surveillance systems. What makes DWS unique is our sizable footprint in the US, the technical resources available, hundreds of techs on the ground who are experts in radio systems, and now video/security integrations. Some companies may be great at radio or video, but not both, or at making them work well together. 

As the largest privately-held Motorola partner in the US, DWS sees the opportunity for organizations who have a need for security to be working with us. But it’s not just Motorola, Day Wireless also works with a selection of partners to provide the best custom plan. It’s a natural fit for DWS to be making, installing, and servicing these security system integration solutions. 

Future of Safety

Example of security patrol robot as seen at ISC West From SMP Robotics

There is already a lot to be excited about, but there are more futuristic innovations right around the corner. Motorola has recently acquired Rave Mobile Safety, a leading critical communication tool that allows for mass notification of individuals on different networks, such as schools, parents, and police, or constituents in a geographical area. This is an exciting new piece of the security integrations portfolio we’ll be able to offer.

Drone security is already in play, with the ability for first responders to easily investigate and provide footage of fires and other dangers back to remote teams with Motorola CAPE drone software, allowing a faster and less risky response. However, drone targets are already flying counter-drones to remove police eyes in the sky, which may prompt a new category of drone pilots to out-maneuver hostile remotely piloted aircraft. 

Another emerging technology to watch are robots, with options including wheeled, two-leg, and four-leg models. Some law enforcement and security teams have experimented with the four-leg canine-style security robot with mixed response, and bomb squads have employed wheeled robots for at least two decades. But especially with challenges in security staffing, our team expects something like mobile video surveillance systems, capable of basic patrol, video capture, and response to pre-programmed system alerts to help extend human resources.

As an organization who has spent a large part of its resources helping with public safety, we’re excited to be working with these technology tools, which are already being extended to hospitals, convention centers, and many other customers. 

What do you think is the future of security? Curious to see more? Contact us to set up a demo or talk about possibilities.  

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