Affordable Aerial Security Is In Reach

Day Wireless introduces powerful, purpose built drone video and flight control software from Motorola CAPE .

Your organization is concerned about security—today, most of us are. Day Wireless Systems is excited to announce our latest offerings in scalable drone solutions that will improve response time and situational intelligence dramatically for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Using the best in class equipment with top of the line, easy to use software, DWS aerial security will provide ROI throughout your organization. 

  • Cape is the world’s only aerial telepresence system available today
  • Cape tech removes the complexity of drone flight
  • Advanced drone geofencing ensures safe operations 




When it comes to aerial security, no application is more proven than public safety. Now, agencies can get affordable, easy-to-operate eyes in the sky to decrease response time while preventing casualties. Best of all, DWS solutions allow live streaming to anywhere in the world, as well as evidence-grade video management. Benefits to public safety include:

  • Know before you go 
  • Staff efficiently
  • Create Indisputable evidence
  • Search large areas more quickly
  • Find location and scope of fires
  • Dial in remote experts
  • Easily set geofencing 
  • Distance of up to 9 miles 

Case study: Police received a call about a burglary in progress. A Cape-enabled drone is launched and arrives several minutes before ground units. The suspects flee into the surrounding neighborhood, cutting through residential backyards and houses. The drone is easily able to spot the suspects, and drone crew quickly relay their location and activity to ground units, allowing them to reposition. One suspect outruns pursuing ground units and attempts to hide. The teleoperator effortlessly maintains visual as ground units close in and apprehend the suspect. 

Public safety and police drones equipped with Motorola CAPE drone software help your agency reduce response times, improve resource management, and make life-saving decisions. Although many drone systems can be used, we partner with world-renowned DJI camera drones. 


No time has been more critical than right now for including a telepresence in site security. With random attacks, wildfires, vandalism, and other concerns on the rise, it’s essential for utilities to find and stop trouble as quickly as possible. 

  • Quickly get eyes on power stations and other property
  • Track power lines and wildfire threats
  • Assess remote locations before dispatching 
  • Reduce risks for personnel and infrastructure
  • Easy-to-use geofencing helps remotely navigate

Case study: a drone is sent to a remote site to check for brush fires during the dry season. Teleoperators are able to easily provide the geonavigation area and allow the drone to check for thermal incursions. A small brush fire is quickly found, video and coordinates are relayed to local fire response teams before infrastructure is damaged. 


On industrial sites and rigs, it can be difficult to spot problems, especially in the dark. Land surveys are also faster when given an aerial assist. 

  • View in real or thermal vision, or both simultaneously 
  • Quickly inspect sites and pipelines
  • Easily identify heat incursions, including tank levels and people
  • Broadcast feed anywhere in the world
  • Capture video for later review

Case study: A thermo scan of an oil pipeline shows early leaks, allowing the company to stop the flow and dispatch engineers to make repairs, reducing loss and environmental damage. 

We want to help organizations stay safe while using fewer resources. For a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial surveillance, DWS can design a security response system that includes aerial telepresence and other connected safety technologies. Contact us to learn more and start a custom plan. 

Resources: Cape for Law Enforcement, Cape for Fire and Emergency

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