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Day Wireless Systems is the largest, full-service wireless integrator in the West. Since 1969, we have provided wireless technologies to make your workplace safer, improve your efficiency and bottom line, and make you more competitive - all by helping you become truly connected. Learn more


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The 2013
FCC Narrowbanding Mandate

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Welcome To Day Wireless Systems

Connectivity is one of the most important issues facing the business world today. Companies need effective systems to be certain their employees are safe and have access to the applications they need to get work handled efficiently and effectively. At Day Wireless Systems, we offer the wireless solutions companies need to get ahead and stay that way. From designing Motorola radio systems to broadband wireless networks, affordable radio rentals, and premier service, we can customize the solutions any company needs to stay connected.

Two-way radios – Making sure people in the field are always connected to other workers, supervisors, and dispatch is vital in many industries. We specialize in portable two way radios, mobile two way radios, repeaters, and radio parts and accessories. Whether your company requires a Motorola radio system or is interested in radio rentals, we can help.

Wireless broadband – Motorola’s world class Wireless Network Solutions help our customers deploy new applications using high speed network connectivity. Our broadband customers include private enterprises, government agencies, and ISP’s.

Mobile computing – Motorola’s mobile computing solutions offer real time connectivity in a rugged and handheld form factor. Designed for retail, public safety, logistics, and mobile fleets, these devices facilitate data capture and entry in the field, and give workers access to business-critical information.

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