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WAVE Applications

WAVE Applications

WAVE Mobile Communicator

The WAVE Mobile Communicator extends push-to-talk communications by enabling Android and Apple iOS smartphones, tablets and other specialty devices to securely communicate with other communication systems over broadband networks.

Instant, Secure Push-To-Talk

The WAVE Mobile Communicator turns you smart device into a multi-channel push-to-talk handset. It enables instant, secure and inexpensive communication with other individuals and teams whose primary communications device may be a land mobile radio (LMR), a custom handheld computing device, a PC or another smartphone/tablet.

Most Devices, Any Carrier

It’s likely that you already own or have access to a device capable of running the WAVE Mobile Communicator. Whether it’s an iOS or Android, smartphone or tablet - we’ve got you covered. You can use a public or private mobile data network or Wi-Fi for connectivity, giving you the freedom to keep the service plan you have or to select another that fits your needs.

Extend Your LMR Network

The WAVE Mobile Communicator lets you extend workforce communications beyond LMR, ensuring seamless communications in any location with data network access. Any Motorola LMR system can be extended to mobile broadband with the WAVE Mobile Communicator, as can LMR systems from other vendors. This vendor-agnostic approach makes WAVE the leading industry solution for LMR extension to broadband.

Groups, Recents And Contacts

Following a successful sign-in, your device screen will display its three primary tabs and the application menu, which includes Settings, Help and About. The three primary tabs are Groups, Recents and Contacts and these provide access to the applications principle functions: Groups, Recents and Contacts


The second tab on your selected Group screen is Maps. This tab will take you to a Google map (Android) or Apple map (iOS) that initially scales to include location pins for all users on your selected Group who are sharing their location. Your location is shown as a blue pin, other users as black pins. One exception is that iOS has implemented an additional yellow pin state when location is still being shared but has not been updated within the last 5 minutes.

WAVE Mobile Communicator Is Available With WAVE 5000, WAVE 3000 And WAVE Connections™

Because operational environments and deployment preferences differ by customer, we offer WAVE solutions that deliver the capabilities and performance required to match your network size, sophistication and IT/engineering resources.

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WAVE Desktop Communicator

The WAVE Desktop Communicator is Motorola’s most widely deployed critical communications application, with thousands of clients in daily use around the world supporting military, federal government and commercial organizations.

Desktop Communicator is a feature-rich software application that allows office-based or mobile workers to use their desktop or laptop PC to monitor, transmit, and receive audio from multiple communication systems such as two-way radio networks and telephones. With an intuitive and easy to use display that uses the latest Microsoft Ribbon Control technology, Desktop Communicator runs on virtually any PC from multi-processor desktop machines to Netbooks.

Powerful And Portable

Desktop Communicator can manage more than 100 channels of secure, encrypted audio on a standard laptop computer, and because it utilizes the machine’s CPU for all of its audio processing, no additional specialized or proprietary hardware is required. This minimal hardware requirement also means that Desktop Communicator can go anywhere. Simply connect the PC to a network (wired or wireless) and the user can monitor and fully participate in critical communications. The application runs in the background enabling users to manage other tasks while still monitoring audio from multiple channels. Status bar pop-ups help by providing a visual indication of activity

Intuitive And Flexible

Desktop Communicator can be run in a variety of user defined modes. Fly out panels that offer Presence, History and Softphone interfaces can be exposed when needed and hidden when not required. In addition each of the panels can be detached and pinned anywhere on the user’s screen. The entire Ribbon Control can me hidden to maximize the amount of screen used for channel activity and the entire channel area can be managed with a zoom control to make channels as large or small as desired.

Intelligent, Customizable Design

Intended for users who do not have dispatch responsibilities, a Desktop Communicator client runs as a standalone Windows program. Each time a user logs off the system, preferences are saved by the controlling WAVE Management Server so that at the time of the next login Desktop Communicator will open the same way as it was closed – regardless of the machine being used. Desktop Communicator is designed to be easily localized into any language.

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WAVE Advanced Desktop Communicator

Richly Featured Communications Console For Industry Standard PCs, Offering High Capacity Channel Management With On-The-Fly Channel Patching The WAVE

Advanced Desktop Communicator is a powerful software application designed to provide many of the capabilities associated with dispatch consoles deployed for mission-critical public safety, military and critical infrastructure organizations.

Using an industry-standard desktop or laptop computer and a microphone equipped headset, the Advanced Desktop Communicator lets an operator create and manage a large number of communications channels, create and tear down patches, manage user access to channels, access radio alarms and use unit IDs to identify individual radios and users.

The Advanced Desktop Communicator connects to a WAVE Management Server for security and configuration, a Registrar for telephony, any number of Channels for communication, and through those Channels to other users who may be using other WAVE desktop or mobile applications.

It’s 100% Software

Advanced Desktop Communicator is the only true software only communications console solution on the market today. There is no specialized hardware requirement other than a Windows-based PC, and it can be used anywhere there is a network connection.

Designed For Scalability

Build as large a communications dispatch function as your organization requires with no restrictions on scalability. Whether you need one or one hundred positions, located wherever you need them, Advanced Desktop Communicator gives you the ability to communicate with your teams anywhere in the world on as many radio talk groups, telephone connections or mobile devices as you need.

Feature Rich

Advanced Desktop Communicator provides nearly all of the expected communications console functions that military, public safety, government and commercial enterprises require. Multiple radio channels, telephone calls and other communications systems can be patched together with just a few clicks of a mouse. Activity displays, audio recording and instant replay give operators a complete session history for archiving and audit trail purposes

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WAVE Thin Clients

WAVE® Communicator for Microsoft Lync

Extend Microsoft® Lync™ to Smartphones and Two-way Radios for Secure, Unified Communications Anytime, Anywhere

In today’s fast-paced business and operational environments, it’s more important than ever for people to have the ability to communicate with others no matter what time it is, where they’re located, or what type of device they’re using. Everything depends on timely communications— decisions, profits, and, in some instances, lives.

WAVE® Communicator for Microsoft Lync integrates the WAVE critical communications platform with Microsoft® Lync™ Server 2010, giving the users the ability to communicate with and view the presence, status and location of field workers and military personnel who use smartphones and Push-to-Talk (PTT) radios.

Smartphones and Two-Way Radios Talking Directly with Desktop PCs

The WAVE Communicator for Microsoft Lync extends Microsoft’s Lync unified communications platform by adding direct voice communications between users no matter what type of device they are using, where they are located, or what time it is. With the WAVE Communicator for Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Lync users don’t have to navigate different platforms to get in touch with people in the field—they simply track and talk with two-way radio and smartphone users as they would anyone else in their Microsoft Lync network, making interactions easier and more accessible.

WAVE® Communicator for Microsoft SharePoint

Adding Push-To-Talk Voice Communications to Microsoft® SharePoint™ Server

As organizations grow in size and complexity and the cross-organizational boundaries become transparent, collaboration between people becomes more critical than ever to business efficiency. By adding voice capability along with status, presence and location information to a SharePoint user’s experience, WAVE® Communicator for Microsoft SharePoint improves information flow between office-based and mobile workers, increasing cross-functional collaboration and decision-making.

Microsoft SharePoint was developed to help organizations easily share information and documents with others, to build custom applications that better suit their business needs, and to collaborate and share ideas and expertise and find the right business information to make better decisions. WAVE Communicator for Microsoft SharePoint integrates the WAVE critical communications platform with Microsoft® SharePoint™ Server 2007 & 2010, giving users the ability to view the location and presence of mobile workers and, more importantly, to communicate with them in real time. Field workers, security and floor personnel and the military that use smartphones and/or push-to-talk radios all benefit from the advantages of real time communications through WAVE Communicator for Microsoft SharePoint.

Smartphones and Push-To-Talk Radios Talking Directly with Desktop PCs

The WAVE Communicator for Microsoft SharePoint extends Microsoft’s SharePoint by adding voice communications regardless of what type of device mobile workers are using or where they are located. With the WAVE Communicator, Microsoft SharePoint users don’t have to navigate different platforms to get in touch with people in the field— they simply track and talk with push-to-talk radio and smartphone users directly from within SharePoint, making interactions quicker, easier and more accessible.

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