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BDA/In-Building Signal Boosters

Have you ever walked into a building and noticed you have "no bars" on your cell phone? Radio frequency (both radio and cellular) signals are greatly reduced when passed through dense building materials such as concrete and metal. This problem was evident during 9/11, when first responders were not able to effectively communicate inside the World Trade Center towers. In 2009, the International Code Council and the National Fire Protection Association added first responder radio requirements to their book of fire codes. Many states and municipalities are adopting these codes in their local ordinances.

What is a BDA System or booster?

A BDA (bi-directional amplifier) system is an in-building communication system that brings wireless signals into a structure from outside, amplifies those signals with a signal booster, and then evenly distributes the amplified signals throughout a structure via a Distributed Antenna System (DAS). BDA systems also amplify signals originating inside the building and transmit them outside to the donor site, often miles away. Building owners will frequently request the amplification of cellular bands at the same time to increase tenant satisfaction.

Choosing the right solution requires a detailed understanding of the laws, equipment types, and service requirements:

Fire Codes and Ordinances
BDA Equipment Types
Day Wireless In-Building BDA/Booster Services

Applications for BDA deployments include:

  • Underground parking structures
  • Large buildings
  • Tunnels
  • Sports stadiums
  • Shopping malls
  • Schools
  • High-rise commercial or residential buildings

Benefits include:

  • Safety of first responders and tenants
  • Improved productivity (cellular)
  • Improved customer service (cellular)
  • Possible increased revenue from tenants

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