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Vlad Erofeev, Director of Technology

Leading the technical team and providing technical services strategy for Day Wireless, Vlad has 18 years of experience with the design and deployment of complex wireless, and other, systems. He has held various roles throughout his career, starting as a technician and a software engineer, moving to project manager and eventually having various roles in executive management. His expertise includes wireless design, networking, digital surveillance applications, emergency management operations, software engineering, and communications site construction. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Oregon State University and holds various certifications, including PMP.

Rick Wall, System Design Professional

Rick received a BS in Electronics Engineering Technology from Western Washington University. He has 20 years of experience in cellular telecommunications and has been involved in all RF Engineering phases of a cellular network, from initial design through launch, optimization, expansion and large-scale equipment replacement. Rick has lead teams performing cellular E911 accuracy testing and generating FCC accuracy certification reports for multiple carriers. He has training and/or certification in outdoor propagation modeling, performance data collection, and post processing, with extensive experience in CDMA-based systems. Rick’s current focus is on complex in-building DAS design.

Arnold Ragsdale, System Design Professional

Arnold has 45 years of experience in RF communications with design and support of sophisticated commercial and public safety systems. He holds an FCC license (GROL), an AS in Electronics and an RF technical certification from ETA. He has served as a Day Wireless field service manager where 24x7 support was paramount. His expertise is in design and implementation of microwave, paging, conventional and trunked radio systems, simulcast systems, console systems, and radio over IP.

Roger Tay, System, Design Professional

Roger has a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois in Chicago and is CompTIA Network+ certified. He holds over 7 years of design experience in Two-Way RF, dispatch consoles, and E911 telephony systems over IP and E&M backhaul. He is also trained in the design and application of DAS/BDA architectures.