Law Enforcement Solutions

All Communication Is Mission-Critical

Law enforcement organizations need to know their communications service will work. Day Wireless has the personnel and service offerings to guarantee it will

Two Way Radio Solutions

Motorola's APX P25 radios provide integrated voice and data communications you can rely on. The P25 standard ensures interoperability with other agencies with end-to-end encryption available for better security. From best in class voice communication to text messaging and data, Motorola P25 two-way radios put you in control.

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Body Worn Cameras

The Motorola SI series video speaker microphones combine a best in class speaker mic with a top of the line body worn camera. That means one less device on an officer’s body, and a body-worn camera solution from a name you trust, Motorola.


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Vehicular Cameras

The Motorola SR600 in-car camera offers a unique 360 degree perspective, offering a view from the world outside and the people inside. With easy installation full integration with Motorola’s back end digital evidence management platform, the SR600 is an extremely robust in car camera in a small package.

Vehicular Repeaters

Portable radio coverage is often unreliable in your fringe coverage areas. Vehicular repeaters allow you to use a higher power radio (your mobile) to get your radio signal back to dispatch while also extending your coverage area around your vehicle.

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Mobile Routers

Stay connected to critical applications while mobile. Leverage premiere mobile routers, software, and network service to get you the data you need when and where you need it.

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Mobile Computing

When you are responding to a rescue call, all communications are mission-critical. Choose from a wide array of rugged devices designed to give first responders dependable mobile computing.

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Vehicle Upfitting

Trust Day Wireless to equip your fleet with leading-edge connectivity tools.

  • Mobile Radios
  • Lights and Sirens
  • Equipment Consoles
  • Window Barriers
  • Power Panels (Fuse Boxes)
  • Rugged Modems
  • In-Car Video
  • Rugged Laptops, Mobile Terminals, and Mounts
  • Prisoner Seating
  • Gun Locks and Racks
  • Command Trailers
  • Trunk Boxes

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