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Our Systems Design Technologies

Technology evolves, but our commitment to service and design fundamentals is resolute. Tell us your needs, and we will deploy a full suite of technologies to serve you.

Radio Systems

Radio communications are mission-critical decision-making tools. Day Wireless delivers secure, reliable two-way radio solutions to help your field personnel make better decisions faster.

Two-Way Radio Solutions

Day Wireless is the largest full-service radio solutions provider in the region. We offer a broad array of services along with premier customer service to support your field communication needs.

  • Integrated Voice and Data
  • P25 Standard
  • Encrypted End-to-End Network Security

With more successful deployments than any other provider in the region, Day Wireless stands apart as a trusted industry leader.

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Radio Over IP

Cost effective and scalable, our radio-over-IP solutions will grow with your needs.

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Radio Systems

From conventional to simulcast or multicast, our experts can design a radio system to meet your needs.

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Paging Systems

Trust systems designed to make your teams work faster and more safely.

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With a wide array of console options, do not settle for hardware that does not fit your needs.

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Fixed Data Monitoring

Be sure your wireless system performs to its potential.

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Wireless Broadband Systems

Technology and products you know from the Day Wireless experts you trust.

Point-to-Point and Multi-Point

Fixed wireless broadband solutions connect buildings, support advanced applications, and protect your productivity with system redundancy.

Increase bandwidth and reduce costs by eliminating the need for a leased "last mile" source of connectivity.

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We leverage a converged IP/MPLS-based network using next-generation products and management tools. Day Wireless converged microwave solutions support:

  • Simplified Operations Management
  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Uninterrupted Service Delivery for Mission-Critical Applications
  • Minimized Management and Operational Expenses

We build the systems that deliver more for your network investment.

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Wi-Fi (802.11x)

Day Wireless offers a full suite of Wireless LAN services including:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Connectivity
  • Full Campus Coverage
  • High-Speed Network Access to Your Network

Trust Day Wireless to provide a full service, end-to-end wireless solution.

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Wireless Video

Monitor your facility from anywhere with our IP video systems.

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In-Building Systems

Experience with hundreds of DAS/BDA systems means your project is in good hands.

DAS System Design Tools

Day Wireless has a variety of software and hardware design and testing tools specifically for signal booster projects.

  • IBWave - highly sophisticated design and propagation forecasting software tool. Building floor plans are loaded in the software with various outputs and reports generated.
  • DWS Configurator - custom tool for predicting system components and installation requirements.
  • Spectrum Analyzers – sophisticated test instruments to provide detailed RF analysis of distributed antenna systems and RF donor systems.

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Mobile Data Systems

Mobile connectivity is not optional for organizations that need it. Day Wireless helps your personnel stay connected to mission-critical applications while they are on the move.

Wireless LAN

Our full suite of wireless LAN solutions includes:

  • A complete line of indoor and outdoor wireless connectivity solutions
  • Full site coverage with high-speed access to your network
  • Multiple access points, robust security, and managed software

Day Wireless has the hardware, software and experience to meet any mobile challenge.

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Mobile Data Systems

There are many challenges surrounding mobile data systems, including:

  • Network Connectivity
  • Session Persistence
  • Security
  • Bandwidth Requirements

Rely on the experts at Day Wireless to meet these challenges and keep you connected.

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