Site Management and Marketing

Leverage Decades of Experience

A tower is a valuable asset. Day Wireless has the connections and know-how to help you maximize its value.

Site Management Services

Whether you own one rooftop or dozens of towers, Day Wireless can help. We offer a wide range of management designed to grow your revenue and maximize your profits.

Site Marketing

You need site tenants to make money. Day Wireless deploys an industry-focused marketing plan that puts your site on the map in every relevant publication, database and website.

Lease and Site Administration

Do your existing lease agreements reflect your site's value? Day Wireless Systems has negotiated thousands of leases over the years and will put that expertise to work for you.

Our full menu of site services includes billing, customer services, accounts receivable and collections. If your site demands a service, we can provide it.

Health and Safety

Day Wireless has the resources and experience to keep your site compliant in all aspects of:

  • FCC and FAA Regulations
  • EME Requirements
  • OSHA Regulations, Including Fall Protection and Lighting Procedures

These rules and regulations can change on a regular basis. Day Wireless stays on top of them, so you do not have to worry if your site is compliant.