Fire and Rescue Solutions

All Communication Is Mission-Critical

Fire and rescue teams need to know their communications service will work. Day Wireless has the personnel and service offerings to guarantee it will.

Two Way Radio

Motorola's APX P25 radios provide integrated voice and data communications you can rely on. The P25 standard ensures interoperability with other agencies with end-to-end encryption available for better security. Many APX radios seamlessly integrate with new SCBA devices from Scott and MSA, enabling clear communication even with a mask on. With best in class voice quality and rugged devices, Motorola APX P25 two-way radios put you in control.

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Fire Intercom

When lives and property are threatened, the entire crew must stay informed while en route and on the fireground. Intercom systems make it easy to keep your people up to date. Systems can be wired or wireless (bluetooth).



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Vehicular Repeaters

Portable radio coverage is often unreliable in your fringe coverage areas. Vehicular repeaters allow you to use a higher power radio (your mobile) to get your radio signal back to dispatch while also extending your coverage area around your vehicle.

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Mobile Routers

Stay connected to critical applications while mobile. Leverage premiere mobile routers, software, and network service to get you the data you need when and where you need it.


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Fire Paging

With its rugged design and intuitive feature set, the Motorola Minitor VI pager sets the standard for fire and rescue personnel.

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Emergency Responder Radio Code Compliance

Find out how our in-building service team works with local fire marshals to test in-building coverage and make sure your radio devices work.

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Vehicle Upfitting

Trust Day Wireless to equip your fleet with leading-edge connectivity tools.

  • Mobile Radios
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Rugged Modems
  • Mobile VPN Software configuration
  • Command Trailers
  • Intercoms
  • Trunk Boxes

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Fire Station Alerting

When lives and property are threatened by fire, Fire Alerting Systems accelerate your response and helps you effectively manage resources.

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