System Design Services

Trust our experts to fill in the blanks of your design concepts.

Our System Design Group makes your concept a reality.


We work with you to design the system you need.

System Specification

Effective system design, equipment manufacturer, and implementation strategies.

Point-to-Point Path Studies

Fast, cost-effective identification and verification of potential sites.

Intermodulation Studies

Proactive compatibility confirmation for new and existing equipment.

RF Emission Safety Studies

Day Wireless ensures compliance with FCC and OSHA regulations.

Auditing and Testing

Day Wireless does more than build systems that work. We keep them working. You can depend on our service.

Site and System Audits

We give you peace of mind with detailed system audits and records maintenance.

Propagation Studies/System Coverage Testing

We prioritize safety and have the equipment necessary to ensure your system operates where and how it needs to.

Link Budgets

We determine system availability, outage time estimated per year, and optimum specifications.



Mapping and Documentation

Know your system will work before it is deployed.

Coverage Mapping

We have tools and experience needed to predict coverage throughout the United States and Mexico.

As-Built Documentation

We provide as-built, full system documentation for code compliance, insurance needs and system maintenance.

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