Construction Solutions

Keep Your Project on Schedule and on Budget

Every construction project brings unique challenges. The right wireless solutions keep you productive and profitable.

In-Building (BDA)

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) fulfill your building code requirements for “Emergency Responder Radio Coverage” and allow first responders to communicate when in buildings. Trust our experts to find a solution that meets both your needs and local codes for boosting in-building radio signal.

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Two-Way Radio

Construction projects are fast-paced and full of disruptions to communication. Rely on rugged, reliable Motorola two-way radio equipment and services that will cut through the noise.


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We have radio coverage where you need it. TRBOWEST is the largest digital two-way network in the Northwest, providing coverage in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Northern California. With flexible airtime packages, data applications, and purchasing options, TRBOWEST can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

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Heavy Duty Headsets

When clear communication is needed in high noise environments, heavy duty headsets provide the safety and productivity benefits construction companies need.


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MOTOTRBO Applications

Construction companies who own MOTOTRBO radios can add additional functionality and benefits by deploying the following applications:

  • IP Radio Dispatch – Connect and consolidate your operations by deploying an IP Dispatch console
  • GPS Tracking – track your vehicle assets and report on location, average speed, miles traveled, and create geofences to notify dispatchers if vehicles aren’t where they are supposed to be
  • WAVE – Provide TEAM Communications (cell, radio, PC, tablet) regardless of device or network

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