Why Companies are Spending Thousands on Cellular Coverage…And Are Happy to Do it!

Ten years ago it would be unthinkable that companies would spend thousands of dollars to boost cellular coverage in buildings for their patrons, employees, or tenants. Today, cellular voice and data connectivity is critical to the way we do business, the way retailers interact with consumers, our safety and security, and general customer satisfaction. A recent report on millennials found that 96% of participants rated mobile phones as the most important item as it relates to their daily life. Toothbrushes came in at second place, yuck!

Cellular signals often degrade or there is simply no usable signal when indoors. That's where signal boosters and in-building wireless solutions come in.

Step 1 - Find out if you have a usable signal outside to amplify. You will want to find a location with the best possible signal, and that is often on the rooftop. Most smartphones have the ability to view signal strength. Android users can go through the phone settings to view network strength. Iphone users can use the field test mode. Typically if you see a signal between -60 to -90 dBm you have a good, usable signal outside. A signal above -100 dBm is considered poor, and a signal booster solution may not work.

Step 2 - Send us floor plans and contact us to discuss your system. We can then schedule a site survey to get signal strength readings using more sophisticated equipment and provide you with an installation plan.

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Residential - Home Office - Small Office Signal Boosters

When you only need to amplify cellular coverage in a small area (under 10,000 square feet)

Consumer cell booster kits are available for various applications including vehicle (auto, marine, RV), residential, and small offices. These consumer boosters typically are meant for self-installation. Basic components include a donor antenna, booster, and one indoor coverage unit. Most brands have several gain options for smaller and larger applications, and voice only or voice plus 3G/4G data.

These consumer signal boosters must be registered with your wireless provider prior to use.

View Residential - Home Office - Small Office Cellular Boosters from:

Smoothtalker-Small Building
Surecall FlexPro
Wilson weBoost Connect 4G-X

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Commercial Office - Retail - Church Signal Boosters

When you need to amplify cellular coverage in a larger area (10,000-100,000 square feet)

Companies typically install cellular boosters for larger offices, retail stores, and churches because their tenants and patrons demand voice and data coverage. They NEED their fantasy football updates! Kidding aside, cellular voice and data coverage is critical in these environments for safety and customer satisfaction. Depending on the complexity, an industrial strength booster may be recommended. Professional installation is recommended for these applications.

View Commercial Office - Retail - Church Signal Boosters from:

Surecall Force5
SpotCell 2500

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Large Commercial Building - Campus Signal Boosters

When you need to amplify cellular coverage in a very large building, corporate headquarters, or campus environment

Corporate headquarters locations, large buildings, and campuses typically have a large number of cellular users. If a business has a large number of lines on a corporate account, a carrier may be willing to install a distributed antenna system (DAS) for customer satisfaction and retention. DAS systems mix fiber networks with coax in order to cover greater distances and minimize signal loss. Large buildings and campuses require a high level of understanding of DAS and carrier coordination. In order to minimize disruptive signals back to the carrier tower, these solutions must be designed by a skilled engineer, and installed by trained and certified technicians.

View Large Commercial Building - Campus Signal Boosters from:

Axell Wireless
Westell (Formerly CSI)

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