Our expertise is to design and implement various in-building systems to improve wireless signal coverage. Our design goal is to provide the best application based on technical and budget constraints.

DAS Diagram

DAS Diagram

The following diagram shows the typical components that make up a signal booster solution. There will be donor antennas, a signal amplifier, and interior antennas that are installed on a distributed coax cable throughout the building.

At Day Wireless, your solution is a custom project, not a cookie cutter approach. Our system designer will review your facility, import floor plans, and produce an accurate design. Our certified RF technicians will install and test to the proper standard and then provide your maintenance support.

We have implemented in-building solutions for:

  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • commercial offices, large and small
  • manufacturing plants
  • parking garages
  • tunnels
  • multi-building campuses
  • shopping malls
  • schools
  • retail stores

DAS/BDA Manufacturers for Public Safety Include:

DAS/BDA Manufacturers for Cellular Signal Boosters Include: