Day Wireless Systems has years of experience designing in-building system enhancements as well as wide area radio systems for public safety. When you select a partner for design, implementation and ongoing support of an in-building signal booster system, it is vital to have a technical partner that is completely capable. We are equipped to handle all aspects of emergency responder system or cellular enhancement including:

Site Inspection and Coverage Testing

Although most ordinances only require testing on newly constructed or modified buildings, the safety of our first responders should always be a priority. Our qualified technicians can provide a two-way coverage test on existing buildings, and also provide acceptance testing on installed DAS systems.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • 20 or 40 grid signal strength testing per floor
  • Certificate of code compliance and report

Wireless System Design

When implementing in-building wireless enhancements, it is crucial to consider long term system stability and not just short term coverage enhancements. Improperly designed systems have the ability to incapacitate a public safety radio system, completely nullifying any benefit of installing a DAS in the first place. Our experienced systems design team has designed hundreds of systems in VHF, UHF, 800, cellular, and all carrier/cellular bands.

FCC Licensing

FCC requirements can be complicated and confusing when it comes to in-building systems. All signal boosters require FCC certification prior to installation, including FCC47CFR 90.219. Day Wireless Systems has expertise with FCC requirements in regards to DAS systems, and can explain your rights, the rules, and regulations for system enhancements. Further, these systems require the owner of the property to have permission from the donor of the frequency, either cellular or fire code systems, to re-broadcast their signals. With years of experience in every local market, we have the relationships to assist with getting the proper approvals prior to installation.

System Installation

Proper installation is the key to a successful BDA deployment. Most city ordinances require FCC General Radio Operators Licenses (GROL) as well as manufacturer certification in order to install the equipment.

Fire Code Maintenance and Re-Certification

Municipal fire codes require that an installed DAS/BDA system be tested every year for compliance. Day Wireless can provide the following services:

System remote monitoring

On-call maintenance of installed systems; 5x8 with 24x7 available

Annual preventive maintenance and re-certification

  • Visual inspection of BDA and DAS installation
  • Amplifier equipment test and re-calibration
  • Battery system one hour load test
  • Grid test with measurement print-out
  • Compliance certificate