Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

With an eye towards a more sustainable future, DWS is proud to be partnered with ChargePoint, SemaConnect, and Electrify America, some of the largest electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure companies.

Why Install Electrical Charging Stations

It is no question that electric is the future of the automotive industry. In recent years billions of dollars have been poured into the electric vehicle (EV) industry through grants and initiatives. This, combined with the cultural shift towards sustainability have motivated many companies to make long-term commitments to eco-consciousness. Some of the benefits of installing charging stations include:

  • Increases EV owners’ “dwell time” meaning they will spend more time and money near businesses where stations are available
  • Benefits employees who own EV’s
  • Shows employees, stakeholders, and customers a company’s commitment to environmental impact
  • Improves community health and quality of life by reducing vehicle emissions

EV Solutions

Commercial Charging Stations

  • Site Planning- work with our electrical team to find the ideal location for your charging stations
  • Electrical Service Audit- technicians will ensure sufficient electrical capacity and take through where charging stations will be installed and acquire appropriate permitting
  • Installation- our certified electrical technicians will obtain and install stations and any other materials necessary for complete installation


Parking garages are often ideal locations for EV charging stations but oftentimes do not have the coverage necessary for charging station software. Our DAS division will expertly place cell boosters, so your charging stations are operational, no matter the location.

EV Fleet Upfit Solutions

Our upfitting division can custom upfit your EV vehicles while our electrical division can help start planning strategic charging stations throughout your key operational areas. Hear from a detective who used our upfit services to upgrade their undercover Tesla.

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