Heavy Duty Headsets

Heavy duty headsets are a critical tool for hearing protection and team communication in high noise environments. Headsets can be integrated with a variety of communication platforms and configurations to meet your application needs.

Solutions Include:

  • Fire Intercom Systems
  • Two-Way Radio + Heavy Duty Headset Integration
  • Full Duplex Systems (simultaneously talk and hear)
  • Wireless Team Systems, Short Range Communication
  • Bluetooth Pairing (Radio or Cellphone)
  • Wide Variety of Form Factors and Wearability Options
    • Over the head
    • Behind the neck
    • Hardhat Attachment
    • Single ear
    • In-Ear (ear bud style)
    • Medium and Light duty muff options

Day offers a variety of product lines including:

  • 3M
  • David Clark
  • Impact
  • Motorola
  • Pryme
  • Sensear
  • Setcom
  • Sonetics & Firecom
  • Otto

Contact a Day Wireless representative today to discuss a customized heavy duty headset solution based on your specific needs and budget!