Motorola Solutions Safe Hospitals

32 | 800.503.3433 • WWW.DAYWIRELESS.COM SAFETY REIMAGINED SOLUTIONS MAP LOCATIONS See presence and location of your radio and broadband users in real-time to better coordinate your response. ALL OF YOUR INTELLIGENCE IN ONE PLACE Bring together all points of intelligence from your facility into one software portal to streamline incident response with informed decision making. CONNECT WITH LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT Alert and inform first responders with rich video information to plan action even before they arrive on scene to an escalating incident. COMMANDCENTRAL AWARE ENTERPRISE PROVIDE EYES-ON-SCENE FROM ACROSS YOUR FACILITY MONITOR LIVE VIDEO INTELLIGENTLY Intelligently monitor live video to illuminate potentially critical video activities with color-coded hexagons to easily see where action is required. FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION ON WHAT’S IMPORTANT Leverage AI to find anomalies in video and accelerate the process of identifying the information you should review. GIVE BACK TIME TO YOUR SECURITY STAFF Give back time to security staff with analytics that extend personnel efficiency by bringing focus to detection, so they can focus on taking action. FOCUS OF ATTENTION HIGHLIGHT EVENTS THAT REQUIRE ACTION