Motorola Solutions Safe Hospitals

33 | 800.503.3433 • WWW.DAYWIRELESS.COM SAFETY REIMAGINED SOLUTIONS ORCHESTRATE AUTOMATE WORKFLOWS. MANAGE OPERATIONS. CONFIGURE YOUR TECHNOLOGY. INTEGRATED WORKFLOWS Real-time holistic view of operations Rulebased event triage Secure connection across technology. AUTOMATED SERVICE Collect data from multiple sources Analytics-driven logic Automated escalation and notification. SELF-SERVICE PORTAL Single-pane organization Secure cloud-based cross-technology Intuitive, visual rule design. CONFIGURE Create automated workflows for machine-assisted decision-making ACTIVATE Leverage analytics to trigger conditional logic, alerting and informing relevant teams ly challenged to do more with less — and to do it quickly, efficiently otecting people’s safety. When you are able to immediately recognize ted events, you are able to focus on the work at hand. Ensuring hine-assisted decision-making to complex workgroup action and powers you to address the unique challenges of your operation, our focus on what matters most. s KS Track status at every stage IMPROVE TRANSPARENCY Focus on high value activities INCREASE FOCUS Reduce manual effort BOOST PRODUCTIVITY Do the Work. enges of your operation, automatically. PERATIONS Y