Motorola Solutions Safe Stadiums

ECT MUNICATE D ENTRY RECOGNIZED sent to security operations and personnel of a forced to a player locker room area. ICATION MUNICATED he initial radio alert, intruder and location sent to nearby y teams in the field. Antici- scape route determined and y directed to intercept. DETECT COMMUNICATE ELEVATED SKIN TEMPERATURE DETECT A thermal camera at a sec checkpoint detects a fan w elevated skin temperature automatically alerts the se operations center. RESOURCES DISPATCH Agents at the entrance po notified of the individual a medical professional is di to the checkpoint. Operational View DETECT COMMUNICATE FAN REPORTS DISRUPTIO A fan reports an anonymous about disruptive individual in vicinity. RES URCES DISP TCHED The nearest security person located and dispatched with image of disruptor to appro situation. perational View CT MUNICATE PERSON IDENTIFIED existing database, an au- cense plate reader recog- anned individual’s vehicle the stadium parking lot and dium operations. ATION UNICATED est entry gat s curity l are notifi d with a alert mage of the individual. SAFETY REIMAGINED: SAF STADIUMS Unifying voice, data, video and analytics in one integrated platform to enable individuals, businesses and communities to work together in more powerful ways. DETECT ANALYZE COMMUNICATE RESPOND S A F E T Y R E I M A G I N E D T E C H N O L O G Y F O R A S A F E R W O R L D