Access Control

Easy to Manage and Scalable Access Control Solutions

Current threats to physical security and intellectual property is more real and dangerous than ever. One way to prevent potential incidents or disasters is to beef up your access control system. In its simplest form, access control allows people to get where they need to go in a facility, while preventing access to areas or times they should not. Selecting or updating your physical Access Control System can be a daunting task for any enterprise. IT pushes for open architecture systems running on virtual servers, while facilities stresses about keeping things simple. Executives are concerned about increasing the safety of staff and patrons without having costs spiral out of control. Trust Day Wireless to help guide you through your physical access control update and provide insight on how a truly integrated security system can converge voice, video, and data to transform the security operations of your facility.

Day can help with:

  • Access control servers
  • Readers & Controllers, including biometric or video terminals
  • Integrations with wireless locks, alarms, and cameras
  • Integrations with employee databases or identity access management systems
  • Client Software
  • Installation and maintenance services

Factors for evaluating Access Control systems:

  • Reliability – How is system redundancy achieved?
  • Security – How vulnerable are you to internet security threats?
  • Mobility – Do you have a web-based system accessible from any mobile device?
  • Usability – How complicated or intimidating is the software for new users?
  • Flexibility – Will you be locked in by proprietary door hardware vendors?

At Day Wireless, our team of experts and electronic technicians can design a modern access control solution to beef up your security while meeting the technical and operational needs of your security stakeholders. Please contact us to set up a free consultation.