tower general services

The People Make the Difference

At Day Wireless Systems, our dedicated team of experts sets us apart. We have experienced professionals to build your tower and dedicated technicians to make sure it works to your specifications.

Diverse Needs Demand Broad Experience

Day Wireless stays at the ready to meet your every service need. Our dedicated team provides a full menu of services, including:

  • System Diagnostics—Line, Connector and Antenna Sweeping
  • Tower Lighting
  • Tower Painting
  • Tsunami Sirens
  • Grounding System Design, Update, Repair, Test and Install
  • Tower Inspections
  • Site Auditing
  • Tower Site Facility and Grounds Maintenance
  • Multiple Deployment Locations of Snow Cats, Snowmobiles, and ATVs for Snow and Foul-Weather Transportation
  • 24-hour Emergency Response
  • On-Call Services
  • Lighting and Beacon Bulb Replacement Contracts
  • Camera Systems

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